Into the bones
heat penetrates

Through the skin
sweat percolates
as dew

Back and forth
movement is


A recovery
is seen
on the anvil.

Death stares
the hedge.


The Level Best Performance.

The days with the sun at its level best

mercury rising up and up puts to a test

sweat and perspiration grow large as such

sighs and heaves are heard as much

the equinox comes twice a year

passed on without much ado all these years

the smile of the sun always beautiful

seems to be beyond tolerance absolutely detestable

living right on the equator I moan and groan

could not find a better place  in the zone

being one of not my choice as well

a preordained commitment as to dwell

so  far dare not find an alternative

hope I would never so in this infinity.equinox-dates






The Guest

There was the bell at the door
opening widely the door
found an unassuming entrant
who came without a dissent.

He moved with me so fast
wherever I went with a cast
radiating a warmth unbearable
and a sweat intolerable.

Tried to push him out
he did not go all throughout
staying with me not only for the day
prolonged his duration by months in a way.

He paid no charges
lived comfortably with me
making me slog and perspire
putting me to such hardships.

Battered waited for his exit
with patience and endurance in the kit
he did not bother to find another place
being happy and pleasant in my place.

When would you go out ? I sulk
not today or tomorrow he says UnwantedGuest11looking bulk
When would you? I shout
he replies in the negative standing stout.

He would be with me for another six months mostly
disturbing me with his incessant heat totally
Oh! you, the  sun please let me alone I beseech
as no longer could I put up with your preach


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Sleeping Is A Blessing.

If sleeping is busy
what else is not busy?asked my friend

Getting this thought in mind
wanted to obtain a find.

Sleep to me comes
when I know not.
I lie down in the morn
have a siesta in the noon.
take a nap at dusk.
sleep soundly in the night.
Work all day makes you busy I told him
Sweating and perspiring makes you dizzy.
Sleep all day makes me busy said I.
Refreshing and relaxing makes me shine.
Well that be my goal all through the days
and none need frown at me everyday.


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The Sun Has Fun

The sun is grinning
as much as it could.
It is chuckling
all by itself in private.
It is laughing
with an empty guffaw in public.
It looks as though
it is jeering and mocking
at all of us under its canopy
reeling in the sweltering heat.
sweating unholy.
scorching sun