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A Tiring Day

it is a  very tiring day

almost at home the full  day

yet felt very tired  in a way

the day is different  anyway

with a lot of things  in view

many more waiting in the queue

some more to be placed in lieu

others have to be looked for the due

those are the things in few

that makes me tired

and now I am fixed  with glue.After_a_tiring_day_by_xXDiceXx

The Sun Has Fun

The sun is grinning
as much as it could.
It is chuckling
all by itself in private.
It is laughing
with an empty guffaw in public.
It looks as though
it is jeering and mocking
at all of us under its canopy
reeling in the sweltering heat.
sweating unholy.
scorching sun

A Slice Of The Day

Late in the evening there was a mad rush.
The movement was so heavy it caused a crush.
The travellers were making a lot of fuss.
running helter skelter in distracted hush.

Clambered into the right train at last train

The train puffed and puffed as it moved out of the station
A pleasant breeze gushed through the window’s crosssection.
Sleep knocked down the eyes to a complete inert disposition.
The head nodded vigorously to the train’s speed like a doll in an exhibition.

An hour later the train reached the destination.
The commuters with their baggage got out of the station.
They made their way to their homes in utter exhaustion.
This was every day happening for them without any relaxation.


Needless It Is

weddingIt was a tiring day.
getting up early in the day
to attend a wedding some 100 miles away,
while the hot penetrating sun’s ray,
pierces through the skin’s layer in a severe array,
causing a perspiration in a steady stay,
creating an unpleasant tedium in a sway,
yet had to mark the presence without delay,
otherwise it would lead to an unsolicited fray.

Busy Makes Us Dizzy.

exhaustionIt is exhausting and suffocating.
It is always doing.
Keeping the legs running
Forcing the thoughts to a working.
Directing the eyes to a hovering.
Enabling the brains to a calculating.

Giving instructions needs a knack.
It is most times a difficult task.
Supervision should never go slack.
as it that would land in flak.
Execution takes us to a track.
That would bring us lot of thanks

With eyes wide open we go about.
Even after that we step over the target in a miss out.
With deep deliberation we go about.
Even after that we clumsily handle the trial in a shoot out.
With meticulous handling we go about.
Even after that we fumble badly leading to a fall out.

This happened today not once but many a time.
Faltered and fell down at every chime.
Misspelt and missed every rhyme.
Lost and stood helpless at every lost aim.
Struggled and worked hard to earn a dime.
Alas! today is a day of costly slips in a mime.


Drought prevails all over.

Rivers are brown in a stop over.

Grass has turned yellow in a make over.

Cattle  look pale white in a drop over.

Men  appear faintly dark in a hang over.

drought extinguishes all spirit in a fall over.