The Road Symbolic

The window being an opening
 through which light peeps in
 through which breeze gushes in
 through which I see the world
 wide and large, beautiful and wonderful.
The world out there is exasperating
 with the mad traffic and thoroughfare
with a din and a hustle all the more
with vendors shouting with a force
and the kids playing merrily with all fun.
The window is an eye opener
 as it reveals that which we do not know
 exposing  one of  endurance that people have
 while crossing the roads and lanes
that being a symbolical representation.
The tolerance and patience people show
 while taking the road of life
traversing with care and attention
 be found in the real road they cross
 both being a synonymous  indulgence.


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Rain Looms

The rain was pouring intermittently.

It was without force inevitably.

It ranged with a lag deliberately.

The roads looked clumsy  totally.

People stayed back compulsorily.

The resultant was  discomfort  absolutely.



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Speed Breakers In Indian Roads

Travelling , by road ,is a pleasure anywhere  but not in India. The thoroughfare is full of bumps and pits, potholes and rough patches. India , has no well laid roads.The roads which do exist are full of sand and stones bereft of tar or cement.To crown all these abnormalities there are speed breakers  erected to control  rash driving . Speeding is an impossibility as driving itself  is a night mare. Why the great necessity fro putting up this hurdle , at every 2 kilometres.

The question  requires an answer immediately. This  unmindful erection is causing lot of hardship to the car traffic. The obstacle is too high , that a slight careless driving would harm the vehicle, by damaging the sensitive mechanism of shock observer and crank shaft. The driver has to have a severe patience and possess a special skill to negotiate the man made  barriers.

Apart from damaging the car, it also minimises the comfort of the traveller. The sudden jolt  lifts the body high up , then releases the pressure by slamming the physic down.The up and down movement prescribe an unpleasant application , that the exhaustion unwounded is too much and too heavy.. If this occurs , once in a way, the suffering can be accepted, but this tossing is spread throughout the journey rendering the passenger vexed and irritated. The driver is literally defeated by this unwelcome barricades , that he yearns to reach the destination as quickly as possible. This quickness , is not fairly workable as the conditions of the roads are so terrible.

Safety is the reason behind such compilations. The purpose of security is a non existence virtue in this concept of Speed breakers.If  a driver crosses this artificial set up, in a hurry, then an unthinkable mishap will take place. The speed gets arrested , no doubt, but it is done in a most crude fashion leading to accidents, falls and reckless devastation.

It is high time, that the Indian Government , thinks of an alternate choice to the incorrigible evil . A study and a thought ,to seek best available source to redeem this hardship  is  the top  priority of the road transport ministry