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What Matters Most?

Living in a materialistic world,

Where money  has a fastening hold,

Where gold has an exasperating fold,

Love and relations wear away in cold,

Mercy  and compassion look  old,

Where jealousy  and greed  appear bold,

As monetary gains fabulously  enfold.


Different kinds of money reign  supreme,

Colors black and white take  the cream,

Black money  encourages  the dream,

It gets  concealed in  the beam

White money flows with  the stream,

It adds revenue to the tax scheme,

As financial profits accrue the steam.


Economy is controlled by the powerful,

Wealth is  circumscribed by the deceitful

World at large is  influenced by the tactful,

Prosperity is found  among the  handful,

Poverty oppresses the truthful,

As  money gleams  wonderful.













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Crime Wave in Malaysia

Article first published as Crime Wave in Malaysia on Blogcritics.

Malaysia is in the grip of fear. Fear emanates not from external bodies, not from invasions, not from economic constraints, not from internal troubles, but from petty thieves. It sounds ridiculous and silly, but it is very much the case.

Burglary has become a part of Malaysian life. Newspapers report episodes of daylight robbery and incidents of housebreaking as headlines.

These miscreants indulge in snatching chains, rings, pocketing money, stealing credit cards and mobile phones. If anyone resists, the thieves turn violent. They slit open the throat or cut the fingers with sharp penknives and bolt away.

They decamp with cash and jewels from townhouses and private residences. As most Malaysian buildings have tiled roofs, the thieves easily remove the tiles and get into the main living area. They warn the inmates of dire consequences they will have to face if they report the robbery to the police.

Temples also get looted by these burglars, who enrich themselves by grabbing expensive ornaments made of gold and studded with valuable diamonds. On their way out they lift the lockers filled with devotees’ contributions.

There is still another way of stealing: small-timers rummage through plantations and harvest fresh fruit and bunches of oil palm and sell it for immediate cash.

The police patrol the vulnerable areas on motorcycles and in cars, flashing a bright light and honking frequently. They do only that much. It is a stylish way of going about the town with authority and power, but it does not catch criminals or mete out any punishment.

This otherwise beautiful country with tropical rain forests and a long coastal belt, with a stable government, with a sound economy, with three races living in harmony, would compete for the safest place to live in if not for this glaring discrepancy

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Crime Wave in Malaysia – Culture – Blogcritics

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Enrichment Leads To Imprisonment

Enriching oneself all along ,

Has been the way so long,

Now tables have turned ,

Attitudes  have changed,

Releasing  an uncomfortable strong.


Acquiring richness  was a pride,

Involving a comprehensive ride,

That include all the  qualities best,

Power, Money, Grace and Poise to a test,

Signifying a glow and a bliss along side


Connotations differ in  recent times,

With wealth in the form of dime,

Allows  those in authority to track  resource,

In the guise of licences and insider trading  recourse,

Gaining in enormous resultant income for the rest of times.


So far so good as the excitement lasts,

The luxury and fame have been cast,

Suddenly eyebrows get raised,

Suspicion looms large in manner phased,

Leading to an investigation fast.


So much so the suspension laps up,

Fingers point to the man at the top,

The less powerful go  to the prison quick,

The most powerful dodge the judge to blink,

Delaying their entry by negotiating a tie up.


One by one they go in a disciplined  row,

The minister, the secretary, the executive all toe,

The jail overflows with billionaires  illegal

Hitherto it hosted only  criminals legal,

Streams of greed, impudence, and cheat converge in a flow. 








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Fear surmounts

Woke up in the morning with panic,

Chaos  in the neighbour’s attic,

Everything was strewn around,

As nothing valuable was found.


Each one was analysing the possible  way

Every body was  giving out a solution  in a sway,

The neighbour stood gripped in fear,

Looking at the door in the rear.


It is easy to remove the tiles above

Stealthily  get down in an easy go,

It was skilfully planned and  undertaken,

Finally got muddled and  overtaken.


A wrong foot on the metal tin ,

Provoked a deafening din,

Enough to alert the inmates,

Awakening them to a checkmate.



The entrants made haste,

Collecting the available in a crate,

Their act released a fear,

Destabilising all to the barest bear.


Day in and day out,

Incidents  occur without doubt,

Sending signals of apprehension,

Placing everyone in a traumatic suspension.


The patrolling is very weak,

None are caught during the peak,

The Police let go the culprits free,

Inciting the citizens to keep a vigilant spree.


Theft and burglary have become common,

The local administration finds nothing uncommon,

Concentrating on charging the drivers for speeding,

The Police wantonly ignore the robbers of looting.


Governance is lacking  in district and state administration,

Right from the Clerk to the President  have their own disposition,

Taxing the people heavily for least dispensation,

Refuting to arrange for a simple protection.

Ignoring the thieves







Christian Poet Recollection subscriptions thoughts True

Antony Once Again.

Retrospecting the events that had passed,

Remembering the pleasing anecdotes rejoiced,

Recollecting the bitter incidents  experienced,

The embitterment overwhelms  the pleasant,

Contemplating thus , Antony comes to the mind  once again.



The lanky dark Antony has instilled wrong confidence

The erring  advocacy of Antony has instigated mistaken reference,

The callous  design of Antony has involved an evil indulgence,

Antony’s greed for money has challenged the rightful perseverance,

 Enumerating thus . Antony  comes  to the scene once again.




There goes a saying that a poet’s words come true,

If that be so Antony has to take the cue,

Antony , for you redemption is the only clue,

So Antony get absolved of your sins in days few,

Enraged thus  a warning is sent to  Antony to reprove.



Knowing Antony fully well  from head to toe

Having interacted with Antony  many a time  in a row,

See no way that Antony, a true christian, would  complacently bow,

Ethics and etiquettes are not in Antony’s  thought’s flow,

Concluding thus ,as foretold,  Antony will soon receive the deadly blow.

(Antony is a fictitious character refers to none living or dead)

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Live Now

Life is to live well,

With cheer and peace,

Driving hatred in a fleece,

Interacting with an ease,

Oh ! Do we have  more to tell?


Life is to earn  ,

With hard work  and perseverance,

Amass wealth never  at other’s grievance,

Make  money with due diligence,

Oh! Is it   the only yearn?



Life is to be happy,

Cherish every  minute with a proper outfit,

Enjoy each experience in a true befit,

Chase  melancholy  as it is a culprit,

Oh! Is it not  a little crappy?



Life is to save,

Preserve health with care 

Never seek wealth with a glare,

Hold on to the present bare,

Oh! Is there anything more to rave?



Life is  for the present,

It is not for the future,

Live well today in rapture,

Live dignified now with nomenclature,

Oh! Can’t you see yonder  light flourescent?



Life is for only  once,

A mad rush for money is indecent,

A struggle for largess is least complacent,

Losing health in the milieu becomes permanent,

Oh! tell me,  is it not a bad bounce?


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It Is Transitory

Leaves bloom in a lovely green hue,

Thick and dense in a clasping cue,

Spreading a canopy of shade ,

Providing a glittering like jade,

Only to fall in days few.



The rain fed rivers flow gently,

Through the pebbles and moss gracefully,

Carrying with them  alluvial soil  across

Enriching the fields as they cross,

Only to get into the ocean mildly.



Man lives with pomp and merry,

Arrogant and towering over all in glory,

Dictating terms to everyone with  serpentine authority,

Destroying one and all with diabolical  impetuosity

Only to get interred in dust shortly

It is as explicit as ever,

That which is born cannot live forever,

That which takes place will   fade

Be it beautiful or ugly,good or bad,

All would drop down in  a wither.

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Head Or Tail

The coin flew up in the air,

All eyes got stuck in a glare,

Head cried the majority ,

Tail whimpered the minority,

The coin slowly landed in a glide effortlessly.


All hearts thumped  fast,

All eyelids fluttered  very fast,

The coin descended  slowly,

It fell on the ground very slowly.

It could be head or tail  obviously.


Lo! the coin was smudged badly,

No head or tail in it really,

The head got disfigured  in the damage,

The tail got erased   in the  rummage

It was a faceless coin. with no image.


The anticipation died down,

Every visage had a visible  frown,

That which arouses expectation more,

Falters in  disappointment all the more,

A bitter lesson hard to comprehend evermore.






Creation Experience Inspiration Nature thoughts

Greenery Around

Watching the lovely trees,

Endowed with green leaves,

Seeing the  manicured hedges,

Hemmed along the slushy  ledges,

Noticing the dangling   flowers

Blossomed  along the pathway  covers,

Walking over the stretch of lush grass,

Grown in abundance purporting a class,

Playing with the colourful butterflies

Which  buzz with  dedicated  ties, 

Following the cute little sparrows ,

Which hum with repeated notes in the meadows, 

Grant an illustrative experience as though in  pictures,

Daintily painted by the renowned painters