The Meet.

There was a meet a fortnight ago

a family meet  in the go

where the cousins 

converge and diverge

enter they in high spirits

come out with demoralized ethos

their egos on display

the power reigns supreme

the wealth takes the reign

as in all society

there are classifications

the superlative shadows the rest

a prowess of strength in a show

nothing concrete on the go

talk they of their ancestors

year in and year out

Is it the way to commemorate?

I really do not know .

I am part of the family

an onlooker for a few years

now mostly out of it

nothing personal as such

the audacity overwhlems

that be their way in style

a protest becomes impossible

with certain stipulations in sway

that be my status

a Hameltian dilemma

“To be or not to be.”

 meet the family


Lost Is Lost

Lost is lost
that makes everything vanish fast
wealth or reputation lost is lost


The Desire Mounting

Total Contentment BullfrogAny desire is an outcome 

that be of food or shopping

or be of achievement and power

arising out of a need , requirement

or more subtly termed as discontent.


The pressing need overwhelms

the desire punches out extensively

a craving sets in disastrously

a longing lasts deliberately

that cannot be checked at cost.


The food prepared at home

being not to taste and palatable

with no variety and style in the go

the liking to dine out

spurts  up incessantly .


The requirement of things

that be the accessories

or be the provisions

a one time shopping would do

being pervasive and invasive.


The small and tiny purchase

necessitated by the love for buying

prompts a go out  for the sake

that be the habit prone

could do nothing but to rush out.

The satisfaction with what one has

be it food ,power or wealth

the contentment one develops

during the course of life

settles their want and presents no venturing.


As I talk and write now’

I could visualise for sure

many rising their brows

looking daggers at me

calling me an anachronism

an out dated person in the go.


A Miserable Miser.

A man I know is a miserable miser.miser

writing accounts in a one side paper

acts like a preacher

telling things baseless in a taper.


His handwriting lies down  on the paper

small and meagre to see really

but he keeps writing on every paper

that is available  without fee  cheaply.


He wears a dress for three days continuously

smelly and crushed all the way

It is  simplicity  he  proudly says  voluntarily

remaining partly clad  most of the day


He lives on  other people’s wealth comfortably

posing to manage them with skill cleverly

He eats nothing that  gives health  invariably

but raises and charges a fat bill absolutely


He has lived so far and so long

doing nothing in style

yet men like him do live in  wrong

living a life in guile











The Gradience

Refinement in behaviour is felt

dynamism in attitude is seen

ease in interaction is expressed

clarity in diction is pronounced

grace in speech is found

wealth in store is known

not in the excess  of money

but in the largess of heart.

grace in speech





Wealth And Stock.

Running away from those who talk
that of their wealth and stock
nothing more than that to block
the mind and the act to lock
I thought could save myself from this flock

Coming to a place different altogether
settling in a town where aliens are together
a few of the flock do occasionally gather
giving out information enough to bother
sufficient though to cause a flutter rather.

Trying to shift to another country soon
where I could experience the sun and moon
getting up when I like might be in noon
very much far away from these goons
hope it should turn out to be a wealth and stockboon.


Reputation In the Front.

Wealth oscillates
Goes up and down
with rise and fall.

Reputation has to be stable
has to remain steadfast
unless deterred wantonly.

Wealth and power
go together
hand in hand.

Wealth and reputation
get away in a bother
as they do not coordinate.

This may seem odd.
Might appear different
but it is very much true.

Wealth bring with it audacity
Power gets along with authority
finding a meeting point of alacrity.

Reputation is a quality
high over monetary
looking extraordinary.

Reputation is valuable
not financially
but in reality.

Relaxing not a wee bit
on reputation and fame reputation
bestows incredible credits.


The Way To Earn

ethicsof wealthThe value of money has risen
Not only in usage but also in rank
Money makes thing work with a result proven
It goes deep and deep into the shores and banks.
Not on to the financial institutions alone
but on to the buying products and lands in a follow.
Not satisfied with the wealth man attempts to secure a loan
enabling him to accumulate more and more in a flow.
Where is it going to lead you ? ask I to my friend
What are you going to do with so much wealth? I question.
He smiles at me with a tease and a sneer in a trend
Deciding he would not give a reply appropriate in time given
Made my way home deliberating where it is going to lead.
A few months later meet my friend on my way.
He was looking desperate and desolate
Restraining myself from asking anything in the sway
Came to understand that he is not in a comfortable state.
Prodding would further deepen his crisis and shock
I talked in a lighter vein and bade farewell.
The way to make money have some ethics,
Crossing them and paying no heed would cause a dishevel.

Actions Poem

Down Below.

rich manWallowing in wealth
he lives in pomp
Splendour is the word
that takes him across.
Rides in mirth
and revels in joy.
Alas! he is unable to swallow
as he has a hole in the hollow
down below the throat.

Actions concept Experience Interpretation Message Prayer.

The Content Of Prayer.

Heard a chant round the corner.
It was a long prayer
seeking the blessings of the almighty
with a fervent piety.
Lot more than that came after in a sequence
with unbelievable reference.
It sought wealth with prosperity altogether.
unknowing that they come together.
It asked for enormous authority and power
so as to revel in splendour.
Not stopping at this level it went ahead
with a list instead.
That included other pleas private
which called for a concern considerate.
While leaving the corner thought of
Is that all prayer is made of?

prayer requests