A Miserable Miser.

A man I know is a miserable miser.miser

writing accounts in a one side paper

acts like a preacher

telling things baseless in a taper.


His handwriting lies down  on the paper

small and meagre to see really

but he keeps writing on every paper

that is available  without fee  cheaply.


He wears a dress for three days continuously

smelly and crushed all the way

It is  simplicity  he  proudly says  voluntarily

remaining partly clad  most of the day


He lives on  other people’s wealth comfortably

posing to manage them with skill cleverly

He eats nothing that  gives health  invariably

but raises and charges a fat bill absolutely


He has lived so far and so long

doing nothing in style

yet men like him do live in  wrong

living a life in guile











The Mosquitoes Plague Madurai

Endangered by the epidemic

 with dengue and malaria on the anvil

 mosquitoes humming in rhythmic

saying that monsoon has failed  in the wheel

scarcity of water being the cause of misery

the civic authorities remain dazed in ignorance

knowing not what to do to stop the  infectious emissary

as all along they had been busy  in reference

not to their duties but in filling their treasury

sharing with not the have-nots in inference

but making their families revel in wealth mostly

now the tiny insect has bit them so hard with a difference

stinging them not physically but in a way discordantly

hitting  their morality forcibly Mosquitoes that they stand  in  preference

accused in front of the public and legality

with true sense of guilt and indifference


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Melancholic Strain.

The evening was sultry and hot.

There was no breeze to cool out.

It was unpleasant  all through.

While sitting  heaving and puffing in the patio

Got calls from friends in a row.

Each one expressing a strain sad

Emphasizing the unkindness meted out.

The senior one wished to die

holding strongly destiny in her hands.

The other one cursed his siblings to a tragic death.

adorning  himself in  a prophetical garb.

The last one  was in bad health.

Depression had taken its toll.

He had shed his  snobbish pride,

Lo!looked demure and desolate,

 The poor weakling wished  nothing, cursed none,

He only longed  for peace to return.

These added up to the heat around.

Making one to think and think aloud.

Finally found out  that

Happiness is within ourselves

Not anywhere else.






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Siesta Lovable.

A siesta in the afternoon is delicious,

Medical professionals call it malicious,

It is not to the liking of the adventurous,

It kindles laziness people say in vociferous,

It is seen  clearly as health hazardous.


It may be so to most of us,

To me it is enchantingly rapturous,

A nap in the mid-day is fabulous,

Releasing a refreshment salubrious,

Enabling the system to work harmonious.


It has become a routine  obvious,

Missing it once becomes tedious,

The enchantment felt is infectious, 

Does it sound outrageous?

Does it look hilarious?







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A Status quo in Fiasco

The  profound consideration for wealth,

Has become a  status quo,

This obsession reigns supreme.

The serious thought about  health,

Has assumed  a fiasco,

The deliberation extends to  extreme.


Many sources lead to quick deposits,

Many tests direct to fast diagnosis ,

Many temptations  look like hypnosis,

Many attempts prove to be a synopsis.,

Many strive to reach the highest axis,

Finally  fall asunder in a crisis.


The rave for accumulation breezes up,

The desire to fitness fleeces up,

These circumspection cruise up,

The anticipation for the denouement mounts up,

The fever and fret bring in emotions pent-up.,

Lo!the release behests a tormenting squeeze up.






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An Ode To Tears.

Tiny drops run down the cheeks   with a pack of emotions

The fall from the eyes  links itself to a strange devotion,

The watery flow  is accompanied by a sobbing cry,

The juvenile drops   also  smother  a  happy  ply,

Recording   both sides of life in a micro droplet.

Eyes react to  happenings  fast and first  in a  strain,

Redness sets, in  them, primarily exposing an anguished  pain  

The lids flutter emitting an indignation  plain,

The  brows twitch and twinge revealing a  distress main,

Registering a salty track  of the minute  droplets.

 Eyes light up to the marvels and cheers of experiences lovingly

Pleasure reflects  through  them  exhibiting a happiness  likely,

The eyelids  elaborately widen promising an enhancement  really,

The eyebrows rise up affirming a contagious bliss heavenly,

Demonstrating a study of  joy through the soft  dewy  droplets.

Scientifically tears   are a liquid product  called lacrima,

Engaged in the process of cleaning and lubricating the  cornea,

Irritants  in the environment  induce an oedema,

The sensitive organ is susceptible to infectious trauma,

Resulting in a conjunctivitis   producing sticky  droplets.

Triggers and tremors  bring about a sadness  in entirety

Pains and setbacks  touch the  strings  of grief in  totality,

 Death and estrangement  strike a blow  in all  eventuality

Shedding tears is a beneficial course of pouring out   in difficulty,

Releasing  the cork of bottled sorrow in  atom like droplets.

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An Ode To Instant Food

Hurried manoeuvre,

Fast move,

Harried temper.

Harsh  proof.

Track  the instant food.



Renders obesity,

Makes idle,

Presses dormancy,

Mulls flaw,

Proceeds the instant food.




Perpetuates dormancy,

Deters  health,

Promotes  lethargy,

Drains life ,

Ventures  the Instant food.




Develops indigestion,

Tries strain,

Produces  infraction,

muddles deep,

Guides  the Instant food.



Promises nil work,

Flakes prices,

Puzzles  indulgence,

Decries detention,

 Snugs the Instant food.



Defers  longevity,

Chills wellness,

Diminishes the might

Destroys health,

Wrenches the Instant food.




Immobilises the move,

Shirks ease,

Inviogrates  the cells

Stops breath,

Points to the Instant Food.



Shatters the body,

Thrusts  acidity

Determines the fatality,

Throngs  pressure,

Echoes the Instant food.



Noodles is the forerunner,

Chips follow,

Precooked items  soar high

Traditional  cooking gives way,

To the  modern Instant food.







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Wiping And Cleaning

The possibilities of keeping the environment fully well in a designed and disciplined framework looks remote. The defamation to the healthy atmosphere is man made , in the sense it is wantonly committed  and purposefully devised.

The  apparent job of cleaning the house , is  a simple  work ,which needs no special skill and no mental  acumen. The way ,it is carried out requires  a proper procedure. The dust , the rubbish and the cobwebs that are collected should go to the bin , but we throw it out in the streets , unmindful of the mess it causes, immediately and in the long run, Most countries take severe action to this gross violation, but in India , it is a casual incident. Most house  fronts are swept  clean, then water is poured , again it is  swept dry . Then the traditional sketches or kolams are drawn , giving a gleeful look . This sweeping is confined to the front part only, leaving the thither sides totally in the lurch. The Indian mindset ,” is keep your house clean , do not think about the inch of land which does not belong to you.” Let it gather dust , let it be strewn with plastic carry bags, let it hold a garbage of waste that cannot be easily  destroyed, the Indian is not affected. He feels that  it is not his duty , it is the job of the city  corporation 

The capricious thought seems so strange and so weak at the same time. The  indiscriminative process leads to a prosaic perishable derogation. The garbage starts stinking , if it is drenched by rain. It starts flying , when it faces a strong wind.  The  large deposit of waste mounted for a long duration ,starts the spreading of infection  of multifarious bacteria . Most illness are air borne , and waterborne. The hazard , thus created , leads to ailments , like asthma, jaundice, hepatitis , allergies and influenza.

The narrow perception of maintaining cleanliness at home , is ridiculous and painful at the  same time. The ridicule emanates from the short listed constrained refinement of the insensitiveness to the jeopardy it causes. Abstaining from the general welfare but involving in the particular  sensibility, shakens the vulnerability of the environment. A desire   to enunciate a method to wipe  and clean without harming the larger significance of  environment by pollution and combustion, emission and exhaustion should be nurtured , if we wish to protect the planet.  

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Do Not Listen To Your Body.

A seemingly amusing caption is in the air. Not listening to your body, appears to be an apparent objection and an irrelevant remark. But , in real  reference ,we have to lend our ears to this call.

The body ,complains of so many ailment, right from the common headache to the chronic illness.Taking note of each and every indisposition will make us an invalid , and render us a non performer.

An headache may be splitting. It will make you impoverished.   Do not succumb to its taunts. Take a pill, go along with your routine, The dose will bring down the pain to a certain extent. Much more , the concentration in your work ,will minimise the suffering. The focused attention will enable you to forget the rigours of turmoil.

I have bad legs. They do not cooperate with me at all. They ache when I climb up. They send signal of discomfort , when I get down. They pose a strenuous alibi  when I squat on the floor. My knees ,literally beseech and plead for rest. But I carry on . I care a tuppence to my legs and knees. I move about my job, without complaining, without exhibiting pangs of pain. The spasm ,at times ,force me to lie down . But ,I never do that. In case , I give room to such  licences, then my tampered organs, will evince a speculation . They would progress in tandem and throw a tantrum. My mobility will come to  a standstill. I would be tied to a wheel chair .

To avoid such  a gross impediment, I go on the track , limping  mostly, wobbling awkwardly  at times, moving in slow motion  exerting  much care and much caution.

Ignore the cry of your body, set aside its  threats, go ahead with your itinerary as normally you do.The disobedient body will definitely coordinate with you.

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A Typical Sunday.

The weekend  brings respite and relaxation. Sundays are most welcome  by the office goers and school children.

Sundays beckon lethargy and laziness. Getting up from bed at no specific time, having breakfast as you wish, spending hours watching favourite T.V programmes, bathing without hurry, dressing up the way you want and moving about as you like ,are the blessings of this particular day of the week .

A break from the routine, is much awaited . It very much  rejuvenates the spirit and body.

Hurried translations impede the rhythm of the muscles and palpitate the equanimity of the mind.

The slow procedure followed on Sundays act as a health spa which reinvigorates the mental set up and physical framework.

Spas act as a stimulus , by providing a comprehensive programme that includes physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthful cuisine and special interest  convention.

Sunday can hold such a formula. We can design it  according to our fancy. A long walk in the morning would tone up our physic. A special breakfast , say a traditional one , not the regular cereals and bread, would tickle our tongue. A hot cup of tea ,would  activate our brain. Then lying down , over a couch, listening to  music would kindle the fineness in us. A short nap in the afternoon ,after a heavy lunch pampered with hot soup, platter of vegetables, and dessert would fulfill the much missed  delicacy.,all through the week.

Devoting the pleasant evening , by doing some regular shopping  , such as buying vegetables and grocery for the week would lessen the burden  .Gazing at the dark sky , with the twinkling stars moving in random. and sharing thoughts with the dear ones would add resplendent charm to the still night.

The typical Sunday draws to a close. Good night.

I have to get prepared for the week’s sojourn.