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Scale Down

scale downScaling down is an issue

be it in wealth or weight

a decrease in wealth

provokes a jeer and a tear.

a diminish in weight

calls for a cheer at times

notifies a fear most times

both happen unexpectedly

both occur now and then

both are not in our hands

but prudence helps to  maintain

a healthy balance of both

be careful and work towards an equanimity.

My Cousin

my cousinMy cousin is dead  and gone

a soft spoken lady  in tone

very fragile and small

encountered miseries in all

lost her wealth unexpectedly

her husband being a playboy

brought up her four children with care

the daughters  turned well bred  and fair

her sons lost their way  in their  teens

became wayward and fraud  as seen

she could not bring them back to form

tried her best to  restore form

could not at any level do so

that was her worry all the more so

the sons were the source of worry forever

died with that feel this day last year.

Discussion—— A Reservoir Of Prosperity.

The open discussion

between the parties

they be individuals

they be politicians

might include the  representatives

those belonging to different countries

those of business enterprises

a talk from the heart

with a purpose

focused  and relevant

would lead to an orientation

a strike through  all the more

would bring  a result unexpected

new ideas would crop up

proposals would find  the light

a full-fledged  discussion

could turn a resource

become a reservoir of  prosperity.

A Grandiloquence

Rare it is to think off

be it, anyone without a scoff

could be your forefathers in a row

not thought of all the days though

called now for personal gains

hoping high it would rain

benefits like a storm

overwhelming in all forms

causes could be many in the anvil

might be apparently trivial

that be one of a  prospective alliance

refer also to a windfall in its radiance

direct very much to health and longevity

never for the remembrance solely

while a good turn towards fellow human

a kind word to  an elderly man

a smile on the face always

a loving heart expresses with grace

a grandiloquence displayed all the more

would keep the world well ashore.padaippu

Gain Or Drain

The way it comes

be the way it goes

that be of ill-gotten wealth.

Earn a little no matter

the means doth matter

that  be a hard earned wealth

The wealth from sources  bad

would turn you sad

that be a perennial  disaster.

The earnings by fraud

would put you behind the bar

could be a cause of shame.

A saying in my language

sale of a dog does not bark

makes me think twice.

The proceeds from anything

be it a sale of a dog or land

should be truthful.

A genuine gain and wealth

would withstandcrown the times

be it fair or ill.

Versification Without Effort.

poetryWriting a few lines of verse
writing a few verses in form
writing with a form of rhymes
writing rhymes with sound effect.
is a skill rare to be found.

Leaves grow from trees.
Trees come up from the soil
Soil picks up the minerals from depth
Making it a natural sequence.
Eliminating anything artificial.

Poetry is spontaneous.
Coming out in speed at the moment
Jumping out with force from the heart.
Correlating the events to the full
Enabling a read most pleasant.

Words emerge with ease.
Clothing the thoughts with grace.
The rhythm flows gently.
Adorning the tone with tunes lively.
Making it an experience most memorable.

Desire Everywhere.

Money is found everywhere.

It is found in stones in fare.

It is seen in paper all fair.

It is the cynosure of all eyes  in glare.

 As paper becomes currency to share,

doubling comes into play albeit to bear,

While stones are mined  from earth bare,

Value enters the fray with care.

When diamonds are excavated in places rare,

created finds its way in  the market with blare.

Gold rush gets ahead  with a snare.

desire  brings about a shy dare.

The longing for such is insatiable in a ware.

Calling for a buy out  in quantities is a trap flare.

It exceeds the capacity in an exhaustive bear.

Throwing out everything out of gear.