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Back To The Base

Back to  the base

 after a two month chase 

seems to be in pace.

Back again

could be also for the gain

a process to regain.

Back home

in a way from the second home

settling in for a calm.

Back in the patio

reading and gazing in a ratio

a most familiar scenario.

It is  back

with activities in the stack

all compressed in a pack.

It is back and fro

keeps the great flow

making life to glow.

Back home

Poetry shift

Bag On The Back

bag on the backThe shift is on once again

how am I to negotiate?

I deliberate in vain

as I sigh  with a renunciation

let me be in one place

not want to be in a chase

whatever be the case

I prefer not to live in phase.

That will not be I know

so I go with the  tide

I have become very slow

anyhow I have to abide

With the bags on my back

I walk on to the flight

my mind gives up the fight

I  find myself in the same track

How long will have I to live so?

I really do not know.



The Day Out

The mild thunder
the soft drizzle
the light breeze
give the day
a back up

The bird’s hum
The men”s talk
The animals shout
give the day
a start-up.

The rustle of leaves
the bustle of voices
the hustle of movements
give the day
a break up.

The still air
the dark night
the moon’s light
give the day
a close up.

That is the beginning
there be the ending
in a trial and error
day in and day out
goes the way out.



Getting Stabbed

Get stabbed on the back
has been from time long back
right from Brutus to the modern politician
there seems a lot not in deviation
that being a stabbing consciously
very much not in front but n back vehemently.

Be not in politics alone I say
it being found in families in a way
with one holding fort and proposing strength
the other getting over  and distracting the strength
demoralise the one who stood all the time
being hoodwinked and let down in no time.

As traditions go there has to be a tolerance in families
where nothing could be hastily executed in release
as in mind there are the children and the reputation
that has to be given priority  in the primary session
with that the precipitation of breaking off gets delayed
and the hurt continues to lurk and linger in the family (31)


Off To School

I know a little girl
who never cried going to school.
It is quite unusual, I believe
as I had three boys
who brought the roof down
while they first left for school
They cried and wept
groaned and shouted
banging the floor
refusing to get into the car.
The drive was so unpleasant
with sobs and whimper
finally the drop in school
being the worst
as I have to drag them inside.
Well, that was decades back.
This little girl goes happily
returns home with the same happiness
enjoying every thing there
feeling very independent and not scared
while being resolute in her demands
and definite in her movements ready for school
she celebrates each day with cheer
a different set and mould in the offing.


Right On All Sides.

Right in front
was a man with grunt
expressing a brunt.

Right at back
was a man in black
lying on slack.

Right on side
was a man on ride
going on stride.

Right on top
was a man standing atop
posing a stop
images (5)

Right down below
was a man not shallow
nice to follow.


Dreams And Real.

Entering into the world of dreams
where everything is a fantasy
wandering there with no thought of the world
seeing castles and lovely gardens
with men to serve and women to stand
eating from where you are and
dining the sumptuous delicacies
would be a welcome change to anyone
but it would hold good only as a change
not as a permanent walk through
as work is the only thing
that keeps us in of dreams

Actions Poem

Chaos -Haiku.


A step taken
back or forward in the least.
would clear chaos.

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The Practicalities

Going back is never too easy.

Back tracking is ever too easy.

Keeping up the promise is never too easy.

Eating up the words is ever too easy.

Hearing slander is never too easy.

Listening to praise is ever too easy.


The world moves on round and round.

The interruption  of movement is never found.

People’s talk  reverberates with full sound.

Their activity  advances never with a bound.

The life becomes meaningful with wealth abound.

No other means seeks a serious wound.


Living in the middle of conceit and greed

Man accepts the reality with a distinct breed.

Well, money has always been the prime need.

It is a requirement to arrange a feed.

What then is the crux of the deed?

It is something that directs to a bleed.


This transaction has been going on for years.

It has been carried out without any fear.

Nestling behind the scene  in the rear.

We trace a slight  jerk which is out of gear.

The affinity for wealth is found with extreme cheer.

As a finale it is held to the bosom so near.









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It Has to be Back

It is back to the old place,

 Back to the usual pace,

Back in  the familiar space,

Back into the monotonous race.

All things have a back side,

All time has a back tide,

All levels have a back ride,

All steps have a back slide.


Going back home  is a pleasant return,

Reading back is a historical learn,

Falling back is a miserable  spurn,

Back to the original is  never a  possible turn.


A firm backing lands all in a  glamorous zone,

Backing detects in all an infirm tone,

An undue backing for  is precarious prone,

Backing also deletes  in all an individualistic  own.


Well, getting back to the prescribed text,

It is a back up of all the zest,

Restoring the faculties to the best,

Reaffirming the convictions to a test. 


It is back to the regular day,

It is back to the  formal say,

It is at times a strenuous  slay,

But it is  always an indefatigable way.