Excellent Joint.

It is a day out

after a long interval

could turn out

interesting at levels

I hesitate a while

as I prefer to be alone

that be my style

I feel blown

amidst the throng

might sound  unfamiliar

could be the impact of long

born in a family  so familiar

for its distinctive aloofness

interaction is never my strength

observation  is my strong point

as I listen in all earnest

that is my excellent out.jpg


category. Poetry

Your Coordinates

Fall into a category
get into the queue
go with a majority
flow with a tide
are all that come up
when you deviate
not for the bad
but out of dislike
you stand confused
came out with a disgust
to go again into the realms
prove to be fatal
so keep yourself to your coordinates
never merge with the multitude.multitude


The Other Way Rememberance

Remember your mother
think of your father
say the Holy Scriptures
acknowledge the Holy men
a nice thought in the run
how could it be ?
I address with a plea.

They brought us to the world
raised us well as told
worked hard to take care
is it anything rare?
I recollect the days slowly
fighting odds was not there truly
the little here and largesse there
has left me to closeremeber bare.

The good they did to me at least
never outdid the bad in treat
showered they the treasures on one
refused to part the same to the next one
I mean not the monetary in all
they be the love in full
never did I receive any without trial
well, that might be their style.

The Holy Scriptures do not record
nor do the Holy Men are in accord
the one-sided formula is the universal rule
ignore the travails they preach in full
work on the positives all the more
set aside the negatives from the shore
never could I act on that way
I stand alone from the crowd all day.


The Day Out

The mild thunder
the soft drizzle
the light breeze
give the day
a back up

The bird’s hum
The men”s talk
The animals shout
give the day
a start-up.

The rustle of leaves
the bustle of voices
the hustle of movements
give the day
a break up.

The still air
the dark night
the moon’s light
give the day
a close up.

That is the beginning
there be the ending
in a trial and error
day in and day out
goes the way out.



In And Out.

If my heart lets me in
it is my mind that lets me out
so letting in and letting out
has been with me all throughout
never in all the most
never out at the most.
An intermediate between in and out
Well that has been ny life all out
with no significance tantamount.tantamount.