And There Comes

 a remark with a sting
Oh! she is proud
 cares for none, 

A tease with a sarcasm
Oh! she is a devil
 in an angel’s attire.

A scorn with a contempt
Oh!  she is a parasite
 who eats others.

Poor, she does not  know
 what goes around her
 being simple and sweet,

it is the tongue that wags
speaks what all comes to mind’
sharp and scathing.

 There comes such 
and so many who  annihilate
not with weapons but with words.



I hear a call
 not far away
“amma” “amma”
in full throat.

I turn around
find none,  
hear the call again,
it startles.

I get little shaken
as the voice 
sounds gruff
with an unusual drawl.

Oh! there I see a cow,
strolling, making   noise,
similar to “amma
The word is universal.

It is “amma” in our region, 
ma in the western.
the syllable ma allows 
no more  extensions

“amma”   being an embodiment 
of love, grace, more 
of  compassion,  pronouncing 
itself place one in bliss.  


More And More —Mantra

His appetite is ravenous.
A heavy eater, gulps 
what is served, grabs
what is not offered,

That which is in his plate
goes down the gullet,
in no time, Eyes his 
neighbour’s plate, 

neither does  he leave 
his siblings  in peace, picks 
what is available 
thrusts into his mouth.

Aghast at his devilish
hunger,   I look at him
with an awkward awe,
 Like to ask, Is that enough?

He rolls with his tummy full
belching nonstop, Picturing 
the man’s hunger as a pretense
 to his avariciousness.

He  turns uncontrollable,  loots, 
cheats, pulls and pushes 
fretting for more money, 
‘More and more’ is the mantra
never does he gets satiated.



Two oxen  carry the yoke i stride
 One pulls out  the consequence
turns horrible to behold,  As always,
a volunteer overshadows the reluctant.

My existence is in the threshold
Like what I dislike, accept ‘what 
I cannot, a resignation I adopt 
to live in peace.

Comparing myself to an artist
 who plays second fiddle, I 
 propose and depose  that 
 which I can and cannot.

Rivers flow towards the sea,
never they do return, Similar 
be my procedure  as I continue 
never once turning back,

From where I came 
has become obsolete,  while
where I live  has become 
strikingly essential,

This being my progress
moving without a focus 
like a mid noon shadow  
 the one that is the shortest.


Hinduism To Me

Deigning Infinity with costumes,
 adorning with jewels,
 decorating the premises,
addressing them with names
 some take the male form
 others the female part,

Wealth giver is Lakshmi
 Saraswathi denotes knowledge,
 Valour is that of Parvathi,
 Shiva is the Destroyer,
 Protection  goes to Vishnu
 Brahma assumes the role of creator.

Addressing each of them
 singing their praises in verses,
Sahasaranamams, pasurams.
 viruthams, songs, written 
by scholars come in handy
 while praying to God.

The worship focuses on wishes
 one of” what I want”,  Personifications 
facilitate an easy approach, directing 
the requirement to the specified  ones,
Celebrations, continue day in and day out
with a pious rendition of slokams
performance of yagams

Ruled by faith, Hinduism 
thrives  embracing universality,
 preaching tolerance and fortitude
cautioning the Hindus  against 
atrocities and malpractices 
eliciting Karma  and its aftermath.


Aiyo! Aiyo!

Sweating profusely
 I wipe my  face
 with the sari pallu
Dong goes the bell
tucking the  sari
around my hip
 I rush to the door.

Shabby, unkempt
with my hair 
flying in directions,
the end piece of the sari 
wet with my sweat
adds to the disorder
disgusting  and repelling!

 Dressed  in choice outfits
 poised and elegant , a lovely 
smile  lit large, a dainty
lady and  her stylish husband 
cross past me . I see myself
in the mirror on the opposite wall.

A phantom like reflection,
 a ghastly figure, attired 
 in the most hopeless way
the big  round  black eyes 
keep rolling like an unfocused 
lens. gasping I murmur, 
What a contrast!  Aiyo!