Meenakshi memudham

Meenakshi . presides over the temple city of Madurai, with excellent grandeur and exuberant charm.

 Once, you get near her shrine,you became ecstatic, you lose yourself in a reverie,you seem to feel light, you are totally mesmerised,you get diffused in her splendour,you become spellbound before her,you are animated,.

Such is the charm of Meenakshi.

She is a mother to her devotees.

A mother should be easily accessible to all.

Unfortunately, to get a darshan we have to wait in a long queue.or else buy  a 100RS ticket to get a free and close look at the Goddess .which is beyond the reach of many.

Will the authorities  take steps to make Meenakshi visible to all?,

The mundane commercial aspect spoils the gusto and tempo of reverberation.

Extricating ,from wordly thoughts, I hum the Kirtana

Meenakshi me mudham dehi,

mesakanngi raaja mathangi,

 Muthusami Dikshitar’s composition in raga Poorva kalyani, .

The resplendent charm of Meenakshi, is portrayed  in detail by the trinity of carnatic music

The eternal union of Meenaksh with Sundereswara,symbolises the  unification of jivaatma with parmatma,. It is a  seamless amalgamation of the individual with divinity.

Madurai is the abode of Meenakshi .”madurpuri nilaye manivalaye.”.


Meliflous Melody.

“Melody ,thy name is M.S.”

The suga anubhava of listening to her music cannot be expressed.

The serenity of her rendition , the sublime rhapsody of her presentation,the celestial essence of her recitals.the rhythmic expression of her songs, transports the audience to a transcendental bliss.

Her raga alapanas intoxicates the listener.

The  way of combining  the swaras elicits her mastery over the art.

Music is M.S.

M.S promulgated music.

M.S. breathed music.

M.S.enlivened music.

Music brought fame to her.

M.S gave music the quality of bhakti.


Fettered Governments

Governments are tagged to big business houses.

Policies and regulations have to go through the network of highly placed tycoons.

Parliament, senate, House of Lords, symbolise democracy.

They are in reality ineffectual symbols.

The passage of resolutions in the houses is only a ritual .

They have to be endorsed by the big shots.

If they are a little estranged from the code of established norms set by them , little deviated fromto their transactions, little tilted towards progress , little inclined towards development, a warning siren is sounded.

The documentary evaluations find a silent death and buried discreetly.

The elected representatives are a mere shadow  to this elite community.

The politicians issue doctrines and set rules to satiate the appetite of the greedy mercenaries and appease them with delicious delights of sops and concessions.

The government machinery receives bounties and largess from the billionaires.

Altering Shakespeare  on mercy , I quote.

Policies are twice blest.

It blesses the one who gives .

it also blesses the one who takes.

Business houses and the government stand to benefit.

It is the ordinary man ,who scores a duck, who stands cheated, who is left helpless, who is spurned and

who loses his equilibrium.


Indian Bank


Indian bank was a non-performer a few years back.

Like Lehman bros, it would have filed Bankruptcy  

Today it is a performer.

Thanks to the efforts taken by Palaniappan Chidambaram, the Finance Minister.

He singled out Indian bank from the congregation  of failed assets, for reasons best known to him,

He spotted the weakness of the bank and resolved to set right the finances of the bank, by infusing funds, much similar to the most recent Bail out Plan.

The sinking Bank was revived.

Branding it as an NPA,  stifling it with undue strictures, debasing its confidence, would have triggered a massive collapse.

If similar treatment was meted out to most Non-performing assets, a turn around in the industrial sector would have happened.

This renaissance in the finance and industrial sector .would have brought a formidable attribution and excellent rejuvenation.

Indian Bank’s reconstruction is a formula, that has to be absorbed , assimilated and worked out to build a sound financial environment.



Nouveau riche.

 Of late ,a new class of rich are seen in India.

They are well built, tall ,dark with a terrible moustache.

They wear starched white shirts , dazzling white dhoties.a shining bracelet, a heavy gold chain , ten rings in their ten fingers  .

   They walk  with a thud, laugh with a guffaw,speak with a bash.

They  are encircled by tens of like minded lesser men.

They criss cross the town in big cars ,with a retinue following.

Now you can  easily spot them ,and identify them as appropriators of new wealth


Incentives and Imprisonment.

Sixteen banks have collapsed in U.S.

The chiefs , who managed the affairs,were paid heavily .

They  also received incentives.

One of them ,got $17,000 , per hour ,for his efforts to file bankruptcy.

A few days back, I read that an elderly woman was robbed of her belongings.

The culprit was caught and imprisoned.

Amusing, isn’t it?

Robbery ,too,has its own ethics.

We have heard ,that class distinctions are pronounced ,in executing punishments.

But unheard of ,incentives for large scale plunder,and imprisonment for small theft.


Debt Recovery Tribunal Of India- Part II

DRT is the acronym of Debt recovery tribunal Of India.

It comes under the Finance Ministry.

DRT  is totally biased.

It acts  in favour of Banks and Financial Institutions.

In almost all cases , the companies arguments , however genuine, however poignant, however, serious, however matter of fact,however depressing, are  discarded by the Presiding officers.

The financial institutions emerge successful, by putting forth flimsy doctrines.

Supreme court and High courts pronounce a judgement after hearing both the parties, the petitioner and the defendant.

In DRT, they hear, but the final judgement is supportive of banks.

DRT,s should note,that

A company is  run by a Board of directors-Human beings

A bank is a body of officials.- again Human beings, not Gods

According to DRT , companies only err, banks are above mistakes.

This thought ,or preconceived notion is a very costly coordination and a baseless assumption.

The tribunal , should go into details of the case, and come out with meritorious proclamations.

Leniency over banks is condemnable.

Rashness over companies is detestable.

Tribunals should be fair and prompt in their pronouncement or decree.


Nama Sreenivasan.

The meaning and origin of Indian names pose an interesting subject.

The first name which came into mind was Sreenivasan.

Vasa means abode or home.

Sreeni represents good fortune.

Sreenivasan  in sanskrit is abode of good fortune,

Unfortunately , the Sreenivasan , I know, has brought me trouble.

What is in a name?


Anticipations go astray.

The financial melt down is because of spurt in oil prices  was the general belief the world over.

Crude oil is now trading at $62.

Still the economy is depressed.

Oil is traded cheap.

Expenses are cheap.

But recession is mounting up.

A paradoxical situation-the business has come to a stand still.

Forecasts, predictions, researched analysis , have miserably flopped.

Noted economists, reputed finance programmers,banking experts, market gurus, regulators, theory of bail out, cut in credit reserve ratio, are unable to restore placidity to economy.

My ideas may sound impertinent, but  they may give a clue to this unexpected show down.

Globalisation  ,sounds fahionable, elicits wonder,evaluates rich content, professes high quality endowments, but in reality rattled  the comprehensive culture,evacuated the close knit acquisitions and pulled the robust encompass to a frail skeleton.

Globalisation  has eschewed the liquidity ,eroded the free flow of trade, and impaired the prosperity  of the nations.

It prompts me to say it is a fall together.

Unseemingly the Biblical Noah’s Ark story  creeps in.

Noah saved his family.and the stocks of all animals in a vessel built at God’s command, as God grieved by the wickedness of mankind tried to destroy the corrupted world by a deluge.

Let us save the the world from this vicious concept ,by climbing into Noah’s Ark.away from the cheeky politicians, greedy officials, and treacherous middlemen.


A little more care.

Today’s Tamil daily Dinamalar  came out with a clipping  about Sudhakar Yadav’s innovative car models.

Sudhakar is from Andhra pradesh , India.

His latest car variant is in the shape of a cigar.

A photo of the model is also published along with a small writeup.

The words “Breaking The Habbit” are encrypted in bold in the body of the car.

He has designed this model, as an appreciation  to the Health Ministry’s announcement ,to ban smoking in public places.

It is a very noble and laudable effort, but all I want from Sudhakar is that he should pay a little  more attention to spelling.

Habbit  should be Habit.

Well done , Sudhakar!.