Honour her

Unnoticed she lived

Undermined was her gentle nobility

unsung she died.

Quiet she was

Quizzed not she with buoyancy

Quarreled with none.

Lived beyond era

Lively and wise in tone

Legend not known.

Mother of five

modest and pragmatic in approach

mercenary never in thoughts.

Raised the five

rendered all bounties she could

restricted them not.

Liberty she granted

liberal she was with all

languish she not.

Husband so tall

heights he reached with struggle

her hands behind.

A humble soul

alienated by the life’s toll

away she went .

Her life tells

hinder not anybody even for play

heinous would it be.

Sung none about her

Strong she was all the more

Sense dominated her.


A Good Man

A man who talks good
who does good
who writes good
who reads good
who lives good
who buys things good
who is all good
a personification of good
had one choice not good
married to a woman not good.

Actions Poem share thoughts


shareSharing is noble.
Sharing everything with all
is a disable.

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Justifiable Argument.

debateArguments could be justifiable too,
if they rely on evidences true,
if they express righteousness in a slew,
if they earnestly demand fairness without a rue.

Arguing for a cause is a noble trial,
if they triumph over a faulty approval,
if they withstand a caustic referral,
if they represent a lofty ideal.

Basically arguing might be proactive,
if it is extended beyond the reactive
if it does not reflect anything subjective,
if it does not recall anything objective.

Arguments bring a controversy to an end,
if they are conducted without any interruptions,
if they reveal honourable interpretations,
if they record standard deviations.

Establishing the rights by voice is termed as argument.
Initiating a wordy dual to track the consequences is called as argument.
Entering into a debate to preserve the facts is dubbed as argument.
Serious personal involvement is baptised as argument.

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Lady With A Gift.

It was the day before the wedding.
Relatives came in all smiling.
The reception was totally warming.
The dinner was absolutely loving.
There was gaiety and joy all charming.

The photographers were busy recording.
The guests were captured in unaware positioning.
The professionals had photographed the event with exact pinning.
That of a lady with a presentation in packing.
Alighting the steps in quick-moving.

She walked up the aisle in swift stroll.
Perhaps she had a second thought on the whole.
She went down the steps in a fast mode.
She kept the gift in the car’s back hold.
Assuming that none had noticed it in a droll.

The thought to come to the wedding is itself noble.
The presence of well wishers is in itself most amiable.
The sudden change of mind in itself displays a character feeble.
The turn back in itself expresses a pleasant weakness unamiable.
The small incident does not connote a conduct impeccable.


The Philosophy Of Philanthropy

Give what you  can,

By  keeping a little for you,

Help as much as you can,

Till it satisfies  you,

Extend  solace to all you can,

Until it tires you.

Billions are not the  only  conform,

Millions are not all that show,

That take up  a charity  form ,

Presenting  in a row,

A series of transform,

That call for a grow.

Give half of your wealth,

Say the billionaires,

Before your death,

To the needy affairs,

Which  sounds to be good health,

But echoes an extraordinaire.

Wealth is not behind,

The activity  of philanthropy,

Thought is the find,

Of  this noble philosophy,

Which remains a  bind,

In the material  world’s catastrophe.


A little more care.

Today’s Tamil daily Dinamalar  came out with a clipping  about Sudhakar Yadav’s innovative car models.

Sudhakar is from Andhra pradesh , India.

His latest car variant is in the shape of a cigar.

A photo of the model is also published along with a small writeup.

The words “Breaking The Habbit” are encrypted in bold in the body of the car.

He has designed this model, as an appreciation  to the Health Ministry’s announcement ,to ban smoking in public places.

It is a very noble and laudable effort, but all I want from Sudhakar is that he should pay a little  more attention to spelling.

Habbit  should be Habit.

Well done , Sudhakar!.