Being A Gift

Being a gift

small  it be

inexpensive it is

carries more value

very dear to the heart.


The thought behind

the love it holds

opposed to the monetary

being not genuine

comprises a glitter.


Great  be it all the more

away from the heart

estranged from the truth

exposes a vanity  in stretch

a token of power and wealth.


The little presentation

tiny in stature

lives all throughout

retained in the memory

a direction from Godliness





The Gifts

The vessels small and big

given as gifts in a way

know not where to store

would not be of use

as they increase with the days

if refused would seem  not  proper

would deem it to be disrespectful

if accepted have to pile up one over

a way to keep them away

has to be thought of

the best is to stop gifting

a decision of great consideration

benefit the receiver and the giver

as the giver would be saved of an expense

unwanted  and unsolicited .stainless-steel-buckets-without-joint-250x250






The Womb

The womb they say
carries the child in a way
nurtures the baby all through the days
lets out a full-grown child in play
a lovely child in the fray
looks pretty and fresh all gay
as happiness spreads in full form
lightens the faces with great charm
the parents beam with pride in calm
the cries of congratulations echo in norms
that be the delight of begetting a new-born
the part the womb plays is of great chance.womb



Facilitating  gets ahead with a choice

as how to do it well in poise

helping the one with great ease

doing it with little or no  fees

becoming a  business gradually

coordinating and linking gift eventually

taking pains to deliver on time

holding a risk  at times

satisfying the receiver and the giver

as mercy is twice blest altogether

facilitation is double-edged  in truth

going by the transactions in faith

any fall out  would bring heart burns

spoiling the relations  in turns

A careful handling itself becomes expensive

as it involves great care in the defensive.




Gift Of god.

Write a poem
if you want
Write it as fast
as you can
before any one
could see
as poems are
gifts of God
to the chosen few
so no evil eye
should fall on it


Actions Poem

One More trick.

With a disarming smile
with an open hand
with a kind look
the leader took
the babe in his arms.
Kissing him with love
placing a gift
on his chest
gave the child
to its mother.
Well, this is
one more trickchild.
to win the votes.

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Lady With A Gift.

It was the day before the wedding.
Relatives came in all smiling.
The reception was totally warming.
The dinner was absolutely loving.
There was gaiety and joy all charming.

The photographers were busy recording.
The guests were captured in unaware positioning.
The professionals had photographed the event with exact pinning.
That of a lady with a presentation in packing.
Alighting the steps in quick-moving.

She walked up the aisle in swift stroll.
Perhaps she had a second thought on the whole.
She went down the steps in a fast mode.
She kept the gift in the car’s back hold.
Assuming that none had noticed it in a droll.

The thought to come to the wedding is itself noble.
The presence of well wishers is in itself most amiable.
The sudden change of mind in itself displays a character feeble.
The turn back in itself expresses a pleasant weakness unamiable.
The small incident does not connote a conduct impeccable.

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A Gift

A gift bought with care,

unmindful of fare,

was a piece very rare,

bearing lot of credentials to share.

proposing many features in pair.


It was brought across the shore,

was priceless even more.

The special feeling it bore,

was the core,

enhancing the significance by a score.


Reaching the destination finally,

it was unpacked carefully,

Lo! it was damaged slightly.

the tear was visible obviously.

The precious  gift lost its value immediately.








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Life Is To Give.

Life is to give out liberally.

It is not a reciprocal take strictly.

Live without any expectations nearly.

Life is beautiful with tremendous potentiality.


A child is a gift of God.

She has to grow up with a nod.

It is her life be it odd.

The way to live is her prod.


It is the parental duty to bring her up .

Affection and discipline make her reach high up.

Tending to her is an interesting close up.

No more should be expected than this one up.


Be that with your children more so.

The same holds good with your parents also.

It should be the principle in your life ever so.

Expecting nothing from anybody for whatever so.


Content is King goes the saying generally.

It is for a different context say you smilingly.

To me it is contentment that precedes  others normally.

It is a special enthusiasm that evolves gracefully.









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A Desert In A Platter

Every delicacy is laid out  with great care,

Every entry is taken care off with attention rare,

Every possible way is chalked out with minute  tare,

All things are set in exquisite style calling it fair.


The stage is well set for the game,

The parties look for a medium to blame,

They locate no such disqualifications  to name,

They settle for a  compromise all the same.


Suddenly controversies and conflicts get ahead in a speed,

Rebellions and revolts race swiftly in a lead,

The finality draws to a close intensive bleed,

Succumbing to the  afflictions  of a strangling breed.


Bombshell and grenades cause a tumultous loud,

Shrieks and shouts  keep the land  in terrible cloud,

Collapses and fall downs attempt a consideration shroud,

The rejection of peace  and joy is felt  aloud.


The dictators raise a hue and a cry,

The revolters agitate for freedom and try,

The West  stealthily creeps in a sly,

Eyeing the oil  wells with a  shy.


The desert falls a prey to the  conspiracy ,

Its  wealth is robbed in high frequency,

The self proclaimed leaders  deal with a piracy,

Along with the Western assured tenancy.


The emptying of the platter is  swift

The treasure gets almost over in a regular  drift,

Oh! No! the oil wells keep on supplying   like a gift

Unmindful of the  turbulence and a wicked drift.