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God Is With Me And You

God is in me

God is in you.

God is within me

God is  without too.

The God in us

seen in our deeds

calls for a bless

not for ill deeds.

God is nothing other

it is the soul in the inner

if we not bother

He would blossom further.

God is absolute

found in Nature

He is resolute

as seen in all feature.

God is beautiful

personified in every detail

He is wonderful

shows, not anything futile.

The prayers to resurrect

The prayers for the welfare

are  but  a bisect

tear apart the regular fare.

Speak no lie

God  will be with you.

Commit no sin even in a try

God will be with you.

The chant and slokas

the yagams and homams

the pilgrimage and penance

are not honoured by God.

He does not demand

He does not receive.

He never commands

nor he deceives.

God is in you and I

let us go in a way straight

never beseech or cry

God in me always do the right.

I might sound different

my words  could cause a dislike

I am very definite in my reference

Take it  or leave it to your like

God Who Made Us All

Well done! very well done!

you have won

said all one by one

sat there she amazed

curiously  she  gazed

remained there unfazed

she got up straight

stood there bright

said she in a tone right

it is “God who made usGod made Us All all”.

Not I, nor you, could give a call

if not for Him in all.

God Be With You

God be with you
could be a blessing
told in good spirit
could mean different
when said with anger
the same words hold
different connotations
in dissimilar intonations
that be the style of life
expressions of joy
along with the antithesis
extension of anguish
a strategic move could it be ?God be with you

All About God

God be with you

goes the blessings

a true feeling from the heart

sounding little strange too.


If God be within us

why do we slip and tumble?

Not physically but in actions

other than that.


If by the blessing we go

Why do we speak lies?

why do we  act wicked?

there  seems to be a contradiction.


God forbid they say.

What is there to stay away?

when you go not against rules

this quote looks off the mark.


The forbiddance  rises

when there happens to be  chaos

that much could be felt

not required  otherwise



God is there, a voice announces.

He is there almost everywhere

seen though not visibly

a phenomenon none deny.


God is there .

If that be true

Why do we see so much atrocities?

again there is fall out.


Calling God for all things

good and bad

shows the faith of men

once again goes up the suspicion.


With faith and belief

getting strong  by the days

there  be in the rise terrorism

a  defiance vibrant  all the more.








Persuading The Almighty.

The believers In God

 call themselves atheist 

with the faith and trust

with the unflinching courage

they work toward s a goal

hoping to achieve the target

whatever be the means

for they believe in the Almighty

who would let down them.


Being a positive source

with a phenomenal strength

the thought that God would save you

however you might be

be corrupt, greedy and dishonest

shows a perception cheap and lowly

that be not the God’s way

as he sees through all your designs

ruminating through your deceit .


The staunch believers think  vehemently

that they are above every one

cause God is by their side

since they pray to him

with fervour and ardently

every morning and evening

more so before going to bed

with the visit o the holy shrines

frequently seeking assistance from God.


Being a position funny

the Omniscient sitting far away

smiles at the  believers’plans

those who  clamber for short cuts

crying and sobbing in the event

persuading the great master download (28)

pleading to him to give them

wealth and power to the brim

prosperity and victory to the full

thus goes the world

bribing God to give more and more.





The Temple On A Hill

The temple  stood atop on a hill

seemed very ancient and still

with devotees going up and down

while an elephant stood on the ground

with her caretaker  standing next

who made her salute  everyone  in best

just for the money the passers-by give

making the huge animal small  in a live

this is how the animal is made to win its bread

with that the caretaker also goes in a tread

as such the temple is known for its heritage

people throng during the festival  in stages

making it glimmer and shine all the  more

sending signals of strength  and fortitude  even more

as the devotees get around in terms dizzy

seeking the blessings of the ruling deities  with ecstasy

signifying that people  do have indefatigable faith

even in these days where  technology  gets ahead straight.Kundrakudi2elephant