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God Be With You

God be with you
could be a blessing
told in good spirit
could mean different
when said with anger
the same words hold
different connotations
in dissimilar intonations
that be the style of life
expressions of joy
along with the antithesis
extension of anguish
a strategic move could it be ?God be with you

The Head Splits.

Holding the head for a while
as it ached with such a sting
not I mean the real head ache
but the agony that split it
Felt, as though the brain
pushing from all corners
trying to get out with force
made me dizzy for a duration.
The blood flow rushed up and down
through the adrenaline in velocity
causing undue pressure and strain
while I could hear the heart palpitate
with not equal intervals as normally
but with frequency bringing in a setback
that pushed me to become half dead
and dead I lay there for quite some time
knowing not what to do and what not to do.holding head

Over To The Past

Deliberating while sitting at home
thinking of the past happenings
the way of life that had gone by
the years that have passed over
kept me occupied in the morning.
The days that had fled bore experiences
reflecting the struggle that had been borne
halting over the bitterness that had gone
how all these had to come to an end
after inflicting volumes of injury and hurt
Those days have passed leaving an indelible mark
that remains in the heart permanently.deliberating
It looks as though it is concealed deep down
but is found obviously in the body and face
which did not endure any mishap whatsoever
but had undergone the stress and anguish.

Why Do Men Cry?

When do men cry?
Do you know?
Yes, for reasons that might sound familiar.
They wail loud uncontrollably
while they experience a loss
either be it death of a loved one
or be it a wipe away of the bullion
They break down instantly
when they are beaten,
either by their coparceners to a finality
or by their competitors in validity.
They weep inconsolably
while they are overtaken
either by their rivals in the run
or by their friends for no fun.
They shed tears immediately
when they get infuriated
either by their inability to achieve the slot
or by their inefficiency to amass wealth in lots.
Men do cry and sob unashamedly
when they are condemned obnoxiously,
and when they are jeered derisively.
Men cry the most in panic
when failures strike them with a blow
and when non recognition pushes them away from the flow.
Knowing now why men cry
we have to generously give themmen cry a try.

Jeopardy-Storm +Anger.

A storm was ravaging out,

Rummaging all throughout,

Beating and battering out,

Fleecing wildly all throughout.


The composure was  unevenly poised . 

The countenance was prohibitively  pinned ,

The violent  rage was risky poised

The endanger was frightfully pinned. 


The storm blew in a  high velocity,

The panes and windows broke in alacrity, 

The trees seemed to move with the velocity,

Presenting a mysterious movement in alacrity.


The external disturbance was unbearable,

The noise of thunder was incorrigible,

The boggling of the mind was unbearable,

The frequent prodding proved incorrigible.


The outer and the inner decried at the same moment.

The fury and anguish descended simultaneously,

The storm  slowly abated at the intense moment,

The fuming and frothing rose  high simultaneously.

The storm created a havoc over the land,

The anger insinuated a jolt to the band,

Of course the storm dishevelled the land,

More so  the anger disunited the band.

Calling it Off

The Confluence in Malaysia diverges in incoherence,

The Family meet 2011 deems a fundamental reference, .
We were carried away by enthusiastic indulgence,
Landing us on a plane of irreconcilable inference,
We ,the hosts ,move ahead with a sense of imminence,
Signalling a call off to regain our pride and preference.

Anyhow, honorable Karumuttus,

To those who have responded,
We express our remorse  defended,
To those who have calls scheduled,
We wish them success alluded,.
To those who have travels precluded ,
We wish them pleasure and Reunion colluded.

Economy In Shambles

Buffet confirms that the economy is in shambles.Pretty hell!. Did it take so much time for Buffet to realise the fact. Buffet, the investing wizard, tried to fish in troubled waters. Fish ,did he, by buying out shares in falling banks with assured return of 10%.Plug ins and loopholes in the sliding market , posed a deal for him. He made merry money while others witnessed a desperate tumble.

I,for one ,admire Buffet for his tenacity and acumen. But ,I got the spokes ,when he entered into an investing spree amidst dismal failure.Where did he see the light? How was he able to track down the portfolio?was he superhuman?Thank goodness, many did not follow his lead. If done, we would have flushed tonnes of money down the lane.

Now , Buffet has learnt the lesson. He thought , he could modify the economy ,by applying not relevant techniques, not so close macro and micro economic theories, and not radical thinking. His contention was out of box thought. But the devil proved otherwise. No one is above me,is the Economy”s challenge. True , no amount of bail out , no offerings of stimulus package, no task of interest rate cuts, no successful bid of containing crude oil price, could revive the economy.All these negations have added fuel to the fire.

The world has become an anvil unto the beating of sorrow. There is lot of unemployment, lot of misery in the share and stock markets, lot of loss in industrial sector, lot of wholesale wipe out of funds in banks, and financial institutions.

Buffet,  I wish to say “you are no exception”.