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Virtues Of Economy.

A beneficial quality gets disconnected.

Virtue is best defined as a moral excellence.It is a conformity  to a standard of right.

The ethics in economy are moderated to convenience.Today the image of duplicity lingers.Corporates have two faces.A genil face is shown to the public gaze and a sinister face away from the populace.This is the doctrine of public virtue and private vice.

Recent virtues of economy are, theft,insider trading, deceit ,profit at all costs,greed and arrogance.

The latest addition  is laziness.

Top executives have minted money, by squandering the wealth of the company

Bribe and corruption have wrought massive furores.

Wrong policies have manipulated a thudding disarmament

These are the  organisation culture of today’s corporate world.Unquestionable material  resourcefulness promote degradation in character. Good character is an achievement , not an inherent trait.

Lazy portfolios have become a winning strategy according to Farrell.

If laziness ascends   the hierarchy, then greed, theft , deceit, bribe and corruption associated with  Machiavellian steal the show.They are the best ethics and formidable values that have to be imbibed by the human mind, that have to be assimilated  to dot as  a piece of sponge  absorbs water, that have to be  subscribed  with fervour and exalted  as a discernable demonstration. 

Virtue  has lost its footing, has lost its sense, has diffused into an incongurous entity.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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