Silence is Golden

 Talking is an art.

Oration is a gift

Silence is an endowment.

We engage in wordy interactions. We talk about land, water, mountains, fire, earth -the five great natural intermediaries. We rave about politics, economics,society, language , literature,cricket, and more mundane things.

We display the wealth of information derived from reading, hearing ,seeing with our own additions and subtractions.

We , revel in the admiration and appreciation put forth by our audience.

How many days will these speech last?

A politician, in power , , is praised by his yes men,and his talk gets the wildest applause.

But , once he is out of office , his magical charm  becomes  a drab reflection.

A reputed scientist’s discovery  makes waves, drives a sensation ,till another new discovery is made.

A legal luminary’s arguments cause an uproar , a surprise entrance,till another lawyer,subdues him with relevant details

Speech is a mirage. it has a dubious appearance. It fetches no result.

“The first step for life is restricted speech.” says Adi Shankra.

Incessant talking is waste of energy.Unnecessary  speech disturbs ordinary life .

Arunagirinathar , the famed Tamil poet. advises us to talk relevantly at regulated ,negotiated intervals.  We should  restrain from talking about the undesirable, unrequited. non happening subscriptions We should control our mind’s travel into the non existing arena,into the despicable world of vengeance, horror, and mystery.

By talking less,by being silent, we are sure to achieve success and  merge with the omniscient.