Daily Archives: December 23, 2008

Stars By Your Side.

What  do the stars foretell?

What are the predictions for this week?

What sign is favourable ?

What colour is lucky ?

Which number  is  propitious?

How many questions  cross the mind? How many issues get stuck by deliberating on such trivia?

Why should we attribute so much importance to such frivolous concepts.?

Our goal, is to progress, to advance in  our pursuits, to earn for our sustenance, to extend love and consideration, and to be a worthy mortal.

These perceptions , do not need astrological endorsements, do not require numerological coherence,  do not insist colour combinations, but forebodes a clear mind and  passion for performance.

An  unabated spirit ,is sufficient to go through most difficult situations, and emerge with robust success .

The stars need not be in your side, but  gritty determination  and honest transparency  in  your mind  will lead  you to eternal  triumph and glory.

The Enthusing Love

Love and let live.

Love thy neighbour as thyself

There are innumerable quotes that speak high of love.

With the complexity and diversity of feelings, love is difficult to be defined.

It is an abstract emotion.

I had to attend a function of one of my relatives, in honour of his sixtieth birthday.

He is a man of limited means, but possesses  lovable grace.

He is shot in stature , but towers above all in  his behaviour.

He is thorough in our rituals and practices, very affable, very helpful and no gossip monger.

He moves about unobtrusively , and a call brings him to the spot.

His sixteeth birthday function drew a large crowd.  People associated with him , relatives , friends , took part in the celebration with a full heart and extended their well wishes  in good faith.

The feast that followed was excellent. The small thoughtful gift , he gave was simple but beautiful.

The function was devoid of pomp and splendour, of ostentation and display of wealth.

Instead , it was one  that revealed that Love  without riches can perform, Love without glamour  can  emerge victorious.

It showed that Love conjoined with modesty and simplicity  would result in unnerving friendship and inimitable sublimity.

Indian Synergy

The jaguar deal of the Tatas is making much noise.

The Tatas are inclined to inject tens of millions of pounds immediately into Jaguar.

The British Raj  enslaved India .They  ruled imperiously, behaved atrociously,  decimated India’s wealth , bifurcated the country, and left the nation  after debasing and degrading the economy, the culture, and the mental make up.

Jaguar land Rover , is the key contributor to U.K. economy.Its bankruptcy will affect the industry.

The U. K government is deliberating  on  the bail out for  jaguar .

Tata Motors infusion of  funds is a great sign of relief for the British government.We are witnessing a poetic irony.

What  an amazing turn of events.

The once powerful  ruler Britain , gets funds from one of its erstwhile colonies, India