Daily Archives: December 20, 2008

Trees in a Garden

Lovely trees in a garden,

reveal  a sensuous delight

Huge trees in  a garden,

project a shady canopy.

Fruit trees in  a garden,

provide a grand feed.

Leafy trees in the garden,

present a greenish hue.

Flowery trees in the garden,

Portray  a pictorial galore.

Cluster of  trees  in  a garden,

propel   surplus  downpour.

Vibrancy of trees in a garden.

intensifies celestial sublimity.

Plastic Everywhere.

Here a plastic, there a plastic,

Everywhere a plastic, plastic ,plastic,-goes the modern rhyme.

There was a convention in my neighbourhood.  The gathering were a batch of local environmental experts . The speakers were delivering speeches of how to prevent environmental damage.

Many reporters were jotting the main points , related to the issue.

My mind was raving about,as I had never been a proper listener. My eyes got stuck on the plastic podium, the plastic table with a plastic  vase adorned by plastic flowers. The table was covered by a plastic sheet.  Mineral water in plastic bottles were distributed to the  delegates to wet their throat.

The talk was going on,and speaker after speaker decried the use of plastic. I was amused. The situation and the core subject were  contradictory.

 We dispersed for lunch. They had arranged a buffet. Hot soup was offered in a plastic cup. Plastic plates were  handed over to all of us.  We managed to push food with plastic spoons and forks. Then we moved to the wash basin to have a quick wash. Lo ! the  tap was a colourful one., made of plastic.

The afternoon session began, again there was a harangue about the demeaning qualities of plastic.

I could not control my laughter this time.

The message of  the convention  was lost. Talking one thing and doing the other.

My countenance changed into  plastic. My thoughts got stuck up like plastic.Plastic is overwhelming, as it is stepping beyond the approval limits.

The environment is the butt of such unmindful transgression.



Make others happy

A day begins with the rising sun.

The dawn brings cheer and liveliness.

As it advances, it proceeds to work, and the dusk brings rest and retirement.

As the sunrise, we have to radiate happiness around us.

We have to start the day with a smile, greet the fellow humans with grace, be it a milk vendor, newspaper boy, the gardener, and your neighbour.

This little gesture adds  life and good sense

While at work, be pleasant to superiors, and  be kind to  sub ordinates.

Show extreme attention to the customers, take care of their problems,and give a positive reply to their enquiries.

Back at home,  converse  cordially with  spouse,  extend affection to  children,and spend time with them ,throwing out work burden, and other pursuits.

These tiny acts and good turns  will bear a refreshing exuberance .

Happiness eludes materialism and emotional possession. To attain it we should extinguish craving and aversion.

Strive to spread happiness.It is an exclusive quality of life.


The much used terms of 2008 regarding economics are compiled

meltdown, downturn, , fall, . crumble, turmoil, turbulence,gloom, despair,crash, rate cut,bleeding, blood bath and tsuanami.

All these terminologies  carry a pessimistic connotation.

2008 is a year of negative growth, defunct economy,disenchanting financial, demoralising business , destabilised employment and deduced wages .

The year of degrade and debase  is drawing to a close.