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Strange are the ways.

Strange are the ways of men.

Still stranger are the ways of God.

God is watching from above. The wrongdoers will be punished . The good will be rewarded.

This is what the Holy Bible says. This is how Bhagavad Gits interprets. This is the exact portfolio of the Koran.

Right. If God is omnipresent, why so much of horrendous activities take place, Why there is so much blood shed, so much rivalry, so much ill will, so much vengeance and so much atrocities.?

Right. If  God is omnipotent, why not he prevent such terrible actions, why not he stop man killing man, why not he bring  peace, good will. friendship and dexterity?

My queries  may sound critical, may appear radical.

I am not questioning the authority of God.

My argument is that God blesses the evil , by giving them opportunities, by providing them with all  material comfort, and permitting them to usurp  the rights from the rightful proprietor.

Men , who lead a blemish free life, who slog for the potential goodness, who refrain from telling lies, from cheating, from not talking about others, are mercilessly pushed to the corner , by the mercenary, greedy, snobbish, perfidious gang.

Why does this happen?

Is it God’s way of treating good ?

Is it God’s  method of promulagation?

Is it God’s procedural delay? 

Confusion creeps in. My faith in God  is thoroughly shaken.

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An Old Lady’s Economy.

Economy is a study of human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternate uses.

I came across an Old Lady whose  economic policy was astounding  .She had no scarcity and she found alternate uses to available resources.

Her bank was her metal box. Her resources were the revenue she got from selling flowers , fenugreek leaves,that grew in her garden. She had cows at home. She did not sell milk, but sold butter milk and ghee.

She kept her sale proceeds of her goods in tiny baskets with covered lids.Each basket had a different colour, so she could easily identify them. The flower sale proceeds were put in a pink basket, the fenugreek leaves money  in a green one , the buttermilk income in a yellow kottan, the name given to the baskets  in her village.

Everyday , she counted her accruals, The expenses were met out from the revenue. She had a host of staff around her. They had to tend the cattle, take care of her garden and had to guard her sprawling bungalow.

She also drew income from her paddy fields. She collected the revenue., without any delay.

Her practice was to buy gold ,say about 250 grams  and 2  kilos of silver,every month. The balance of her profit was deployed in the upkeep of her properties.This she followed meticulously ,no matter the rise in prices of the precious metals.It was cash and carry system she adopted.

Her hard work yielded wonderful results. She had no calculator, no software programmes to compute her accounts, no auditor to compile details.

She was her own self proclaimed manager,accountant and banker.

She had the  safe room key in her small cloth bag and the metal box key adjoined to her chain round her neck.

 Her economy was robust, healthy and strong.She had acquired enormous wealth.

Her investment acumen calls for attention.The simple economics ,she professed  was an ideal model to be adopted .