To See The Best.

It is a day serene

the sky, not in a  sheen

grey and black at times

there being no chime

the  sun sits back quiet

not involved in anything tight

the clouds are dark and intense

hover they with a fight in a sense

a mislead to a night in trace

Well,  in turn that is a sure base

it  seems so destitute and silent

as I sit with a gaze in a trident

my mind is heavily bent

it does suffer a serious dent.

Lo! my eyes  need a rest

to see all the best.



To Cross.

The road so broad and long

looked  very huge and strong

stood at an end in awe

most apprehensive with a tremble.

Halted for a time there

eyes went almost bare

feared to go ahead though

with one foot on the road.

The dilemma surged  in a rave

across to the other side brave

contemplated awhile in fear.

en suite rushed across the lane.

The heart jumped from within

got caught in the midway din

cars honked on either side  mad

feet trembled in a distinct  shiver sad.

The drivers shouted in  bridling anger

cursed me in a  note of stammer

scared  I made way to the opposite

unmindful of the swear and scream.

This way it could be an instance

the road is  a semblance

of life in a wholesome pretence

this being an appraisal of a defence.


As such cross of  the road is  easy

be it accompanied by anything not dizzy

so much so with the life  characteristic

be it engrossed with a serious outlook.


The Midsummer Dream

The midsummer dream

of sunshine and pleasure

induces one to take leisure

as it is a season of treasure

great and clear of nature

bounteous in its fruitfulness

caressing in its expansiveness

weather  of sensitive exuberance

where growth is  in predominance

while life  enjoys a reverberation

be that one of  great exaltation

trade and transaction are  buoyant

cheer and spright  are flamboyant 

a  season so nice and cordial

though one has to go through an ordeal

of hard work and strain in diligence

yet a respite in general  and in advance

as the fall and winter  come forth

which provokes one to a loathe

as the snow and cold knock one down

and the brows knit in a frown.



The Call Of Home

The call from home

rings frequent

a great trend it is

away for long  from home

a sequence  not usual

the warmth of its interior

strikes  through  in a cosy

the magnificent exterior

extends a loving embrace

found  missing in this sojourn

where the wish to see places

takes a fair part of the time

the most  important be

the time with own kin

reaches the saturation

that  in a fit of the moment

the strong firm whisper

knocks the ear in turns

holds the breath in a clasp

while the mind turns in a  thirst

to get back home in first.

call of home


The Propositions

The natives not seen anywhere

the original lets way

the  newcomers take the sway

the inhabitants go out of  the  scene

the  usurpers mostly seen

that be the modus of operation

not in one  country or nation

seems prevalent all over

with the strike over

there rises a drive soberly

not out of anything  lively

but of pure greed whatsoever

a wish to take the land and resources

by trick and deceit in force

the home of the people natural

turns alien to them  in gradual

they become nobody in course

the settlers  start to dominate  by blows

that be the tale everywhere

be it in Americas, Australia  very far

a situation that be condemned as unfair.



That Be With IT

That way was it

great  with it

being a straight hit

the face got lit

as the strike did slit

the target a bit

down it fell into the pit

shattered it lay in the plinth.

that be the end of it target


The Days Go By

The days go by

while I stay

in a land far away

I go by their way

first with a nay

then with a say

Well! it is a stray

from my normal  play.

Yet, I adhere to it in a gay

that be the spirit  of my day

Oh! it is my earnest  pray

wish to stay so always.

days go by


The Black Squirrel

A squirrel  in the garden

black and robust

runs up and down

seems  in a hurry

up it goes in a speed

perches itself high

gnaws the berries as fast

as  much as it could

descends down in a scurry

with the nuts in hand

rushes to the flower beds

digs a hole in a second

buries the nuts in it

closes the burrow in no time

perhaps it is its bank

might be an investment

as in the economics

might be a storage

be that of in ordinary

it is its vault for the winter

a lovely way to keep going

Well! a little squirrel also knows

the benefits of  saving too!



Away In Montreal

Away In Montreal

a city so real

with metro rail

running fast in trail

the French settlement

lends a predicament

that of fun and  development

so subtle and suave 

a lovely place to see

 be the Notre-Dame Basilica

designed by architect  Victor Bourgeau

shows us the way to Heavenly Bliss

an ascent amid angels and  stars

against a blue background

with statues of prophets all around

immaculate and grand in tone.

This is not the attraction alone

as one be of a bio -dome

animals  reared in created domes

the temperatures of zones

maintained with precision  known.

Oh! what a remarkable slide

from Heaven to animals in a glide.

Well, that be the oscillations in the go

as we humans walk through life in tip toe.

Away in Montreall


The World Turns Out.

The waterfall so gorgeous

the mountains so gregarious

the ocean so  ravenous

those around so garrulous

goes the world  in a resource

not any way to find the  source

an enigma it turns out

incredible it is sans doubtOcean