The Midsummer Dream

The midsummer dream

of sunshine and pleasure

induces one to take leisure

as it is a season of treasure

great and clear of nature

bounteous in its fruitfulness

caressing in its expansiveness

weather  of sensitive exuberance

where growth is  in predominance

while life  enjoys a reverberation

be that one of  great exaltation

trade and transaction are  buoyant

cheer and spright  are flamboyant 

a  season so nice and cordial

though one has to go through an ordeal

of hard work and strain in diligence

yet a respite in general  and in advance

as the fall and winter  come forth

which provokes one to a loathe

as the snow and cold knock one down

and the brows knit in a frown.



Diversities Cheer.

Diversities  are found everywhere

No two Ethnic_cheer are alike

there be a difference

that keep us awake.


The land forms are distinctive

with mountains and plains

with slopes and hillocks

with valleys and bends.


The  water mass varies

with oceans and rivers

with streams and ponds

with waterfalls and  lakes .


The human race too falls into the cue

with colour  and features

with the  speech and behaviour

with movements and manner.


The language also goes with them

each one speaking different

diction and pronunciation go beyond

usage and process go within.


Seasons are no way behind

with sun and rain

with cold and hot

with the variations going fast.


Diversities keep us in the run

as monotony would lend a boredom

seeing the same old thing again

sends us into the steam.






A Schedule Rare

With the day going sultry in November

with that of a stuffiness and humidity all over

being most unusual during this season

when it usually rained cats and dogs with reason

with a coolness all around the day

with dew falling in the early hours of the day

being a change from the hot spell most welcome

now it is getting hotter and hotter  in the days to come

with little sign of rain  and pleasantness

the land getting drier with hotness

with water becoming a scarcity  and cuddled

sitting with a look puzzled and thoughts muddled

we cope with the present state in a mood non prescribed

and a schedule rare almost not denoted or inscribed hot in November


Seasonal Boycott

Seasons do not change in flow

as the warming gets going in slow

seasons are static and sultry

boycotting the natural  diplomacy seasons

with spring  extending warmth mostly

then  comes summer  generating heat  greatly

followed by autumn casting hotness nominally

ending up with winter showing  stuffiness unnaturally.

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A Passion On The Go.

passionIt is a deep  passion.

It resembles a recreation.

It creates a distraction.

It releases delicate emotions.


Impatiently the soberity arrives.

Delivering  pleasurable tries.


Dispassionate it might appear.

Disproportionate it  might send  fear.

Disaster  it  might lay bare.

Digression it might take care.


Writing  has become a passion.

 Know not for what reason.

Writing has become a fusion.

Embracing all times and seasons.


A few lines a day gives an impetus.

Thoughts lead to words in full tempest.

Words move towards expressions  in haste.

Expressions  give birth to creation in taste.


That is how the work of art attains its finality

Allowing the audience to a revel in gravity.

Succumbing to the beauty  in totality.

Cherishing the masterpiece of creativity.