Hot Day.

A hot day

burning in a way

no breeze anyway

sultry all day

I perspire the whole day

sweat profusely most days

have to for a while  stay

being no other way

try to put up with it as in a play

have to endure throughout the days

being a month or two in a chase.


Boon Or A Doom

The coolness in the surround

a precursor to a freeze in-depth

felt very much in the breeze

that is the phenomenon natural

but turns unbearably hot

the extremes take us with a beat

this is the formula for every deed

like the waves that flow high and low

the days turn dark and then glow

the moods swing up and down

men are quick to rise up and drown

the one becomes another soon

difficult to say anything for sure

whether it be a boon or a doom.



The Hot Afternoon

It is a hot afternoon
the place is like an oven
washed clothes dry up in a second
totally humid and intolerable.

The birds try to chirp
refuse to chat and fly
as they cuddle in their nest
unable to see the bright sun.

The people dare not venture out
apprehensive of the sun stroke
refrain in their homes
afraid to face the incorrigible dazzle.Hurd-Hot-Afternoon.

The sun unmindful of its power
shines with a bewildering excess
tarnish the grass and the skin
with equal strength in a fiery glow.



Serve it hot you may.
Serve it cold you may
Serve it with love you should
Serving such way you could
do service being very


Hot, Hot, Malaysia

I see heat really  with my eyes 

 How come ? you might ask.  as if it is a lie 

It is seen actually  right before

The roads glitter in the sun  all the more

It is silvery everywhere  across the tar road

The glare is too much  to bear on board

It is so shining  and blinding

catching the eyes in a ring

not really capturing the eyes as such

not really seizing the eyes  as much

Well really ceasing the eye sight

it being so shiny  and reflective  in a bite

that I could not see over  at all

but see the heat alone  while I fall

Hope you come to terms with me  now

Where ?you would ask  to know

Oh! let me tell you  the place

it is so in Malaysia

where the heat is existential  with might

with no rains almost for a fortnight

while my washed clothes dry up in an hour

my plants wither in   twenty four hours

my trees dry up in a week mostly

while  I suffer a sun stroke  essentially

withstanding the exhaustion  efficiently

a little exposure to the sun

tan the complexion not brown

but turning to soot black

Well, that is how is Malaysia

with heat circulating around

and Malaysia rains not be found







A Tweet And a Song

The frost bites they say 

 The heat kills all day 

 The cold chills  in a way 

 The hot heats always 


Every thing has its own faults

 No thing is perfect

We expect more from each

 Looking beyond the reach.


The shortcomings are everywhere

We have to  stoically  bear

The anticipation being less

we go with no stress.


A small poem on acceptance

asking for  a perception

going by the ups and downs

avoiding a tumble and a fumble.


A verse on the going

that keeps us moving

never should we retreat

whatever might be the (27)


A song that sings sweet

it might be also a tweet’

Go by the righteous  in all ways

that would bring you cheer always.






A Schedule Rare

With the day going sultry in November

with that of a stuffiness and humidity all over

being most unusual during this season

when it usually rained cats and dogs with reason

with a coolness all around the day

with dew falling in the early hours of the day

being a change from the hot spell most welcome

now it is getting hotter and hotter  in the days to come

with little sign of rain  and pleasantness

the land getting drier with hotness

with water becoming a scarcity  and cuddled

sitting with a look puzzled and thoughts muddled

we cope with the present state in a mood non prescribed

and a schedule rare almost not denoted or inscribed hot in November


Kettle On

With sound of the kettle
and clattering of pans
another day begins
The appeasing lies
not merely on the stomach
also on the taste buds
which pass comments many kettle
over tastes too much in any
be it sweet or hot or bitter
care should be there always
as anything allowed to remain long
gets overburnt beyond redemption
anything that is switched off quickly
stays unboiled again unfit for consumption
The morning passes tensed up mostly
with the ladle in the hand
and the apron round the neck.


Song of Inebriate

The piping hot food
and the blowing hot wind
and a sweltering heat around
gave a perspiration tremendous

Accustomed to eating hot
the food burnt the tongue
making it quite painful
and presenting an uneasiness.

The breeze that ran through
penetrated through the cheeks
making it angry red
diffusing a pretty discomfort.

The exhuming temperature
rose to novel heights
tending to get with sweat
distributing an unbearable warmth.

With the hot palate
and a hot temperate
along with a hot rebate
ending up asburnt tongue a song of inebriate


The Dog’s Day

DogsDaysofSummer-title1Liking the day to a dog
calling it dog’s day
looks so strange and apathetic
as the dog known for its faith
has got an image of disillusion
carrying with it a deride
and tease and even
extending it to a ridicule
calling the sultry
hot weather as dog’s day.
Madness creeps in fast
during this extreme weather
causing a languid inertness .
Well, if that be the reason
what about the lunacy
that ails the community
in pleasant weather and
embittering cold climate.
How would have
Aristotle or Socrates
addressed this loss of mind?