Kuala Lumpur –A City for All

A city of importance

Kuala Lumpur  professes

a great distinction

cosmopolitan in outlook

not very expensive

a city of  potential

heavily trafficked

a beautiful place

with a lot of attractions

the twin towers of recent

to the Bird’s park to nature lovers

malls of sophistication all over

high rise buildings stand atop

with a weather pleasant

rains every evening

the city of the east

could be dubbed

as an affordable one

whilst Singapore  being adjacent

speaks discipline and decorum

this city is not very tight in a sense

prone to burglary and mini thefts

it has a grace of its own

being simple to simple folks

claiming  snobbishness too

where people turn to be fashionable

a city to you and me and all

 that could be its call.


Simple And Rhythmic

It is a long time in absence
want to impress my presence
I am here with no reference
my poems do make a difference
as they are spontaneous
come from the soul instantaneous
never do I deliberate continuous
nor do I write anything ambiguous
they being plain and poetic
being graphics2simple and rhythmic
never do I indulge in didactic
my writings are simple and modest
well, I write in all earnest
could at times provoke fun and zest.

gaiety ostentatious Poetry resonance

Simple ——– Not A Boggle

simpleSimple as it seems

a word used so often

does not gleam

entails a soften

simple a logarithmic expression

controls too many an impression

could never indicate a repercussion

always denotes a progression

simple could you be

could your manners be

as all include the  tone ordinary

bereft of glamour extraordinary

the talk encompasses plain words

the behaviour boards

a cordiality  in a solicit

a kindliness in the light

a no nonsense type

nothing snobbish in the pipe

spontaneous and regular

graceful and not one of vigour

a lively person in the go

could be found with a bow

an affability  is seen all through

no inhibitions in true

that be to a person

could be ascribed to others too

be in a scenery  pure and pretty

the one that provokes a gaiety

noticed in a writing plain and straight

a living graceful and bright

bereft of ostentatious and gaudiness

simple is a strain having a mild resonance

complication degradation Poetry

A Simple Transaction

A simple transaction

needs a lot of action

causes a series of reaction

leads to many frictions

and innumerable fractions

before the sanction

as the factions

get along in distribution

calling for retributions

a mess of  contributions

to  a not so valid intersections

that delay the propositions

left alone, it is a degradation

and a terrible complication

a trial and error in dispositions diagram-optimizer



Serve it hot you may.
Serve it cold you may
Serve it with love you should
Serving such way you could
do service being very


Peace Be With You

There is  peace 

really. you  ask

as there is no thing

that much could be seen

with peace and goodwill

as every other place

there is fight and tension

that go with a fusion

with terrorism on the sway

with  corruption on to gay

with that of deception all the day

there be peace you say

what sort of peace do you mean ?

ask you bona fide

I do reply in the stride

that there is peace I assure

not found in the political

never found in business

but seen among people

who play it simple

whether there be a fight


it lasts for a day

where there is mirth

it prolongs for months

there I find peace and joy

seamless they are

entwined they look

that be peace and contentment.

Peacethis is my answer

the case of satisfaction to the reply

lies on the way you take .

Peace be with you always!


The Organic Stuff

The home-made is simple

being  not with a dimple

showing out  prosaic and pure

extending all cure

that be the like of a few

preferring  everything in blue

not requiring the embellishments

very particular of the ingredients

there they go with a call

that be from their claim  tall

getting away from anything artificial

relying on everything natural

interested in things organic

running away from the inorganic

the people few as I said earlier

form a  forum to talk about things livelier

a group of people working hard  really

instigating a turn away from the  ostentation  early

signifying a well intended motive behind

know not how fast organic-food-corn-cobit would work  with a bind.












How To Bring Destruction?

There be an intrusion

be it  small or simple

be it  big or complicated

it being an interference

needing not much attention

yet creates a disturbance

that be one of distribution

not one of accumulation

deranging the eternity

fragmenting the infinity

there goes a missile

not be it literally

being seen as a weapon

that throws the eternal

shatters the universal

breaks them into pieces

being the aim intended

succeeds in achieving

a victory for destruction.




Lesson From Birds.

Crows and birds used to gather

crowing and cackling in the morn

making the day bright and gay.

Along with the sun rising high

they come out of their nest.

roaming in the early morning sky

with an aim in mind steady

looking for baits in the garden

collecting them all in leisure

storing them for their little ones

getting the most for the day

feeling that would be enough

satisfied and contented they images (62)fly back

never bearing the intention to hoard

that being peculiar to the human race.





Fractions In Task

Fractions go to heights

with the way being tight

the proper fractions  seem good

with the numerator being less

and the denominator rising high

along with improper ones

where the top number is greater

and the bottom is smaller

with the mixed  tones

feeling the top being heavy

boggle the child’s mind

as well as the adult’s brain

revealing a   fun

that be good for those

with a mathematical inclination

but be a task severe

for the one with  numerical aversion

being a necessity for calculation

the mastering takes place with a determination

it being a science required greatly

for the understanding of life’s need

bordering on the material  wealth

that form the fundamental of maths-fractions living

as noted without money in hand

the survival would go in a disband

becoming a mockery of sort

leading to penury  in short