Virtuosity or Eventuality?

Long ago it was the quality 

 that of man  mattered 

gone are the days 

 when monetary played no role 

come now the hours in a twinkle 

where finance have control

 leave alone the economy

 encompass on whole  every trial

the life under a fiefdom

expresses  a servitude 

 where success prevails

where power wields 

while grace being beaten

the poise lies crippled power of money

 come there in magnificence


status with money on line

 that be the eventuality


Could it be a virtuosity?








It all happened eventually.
It was not done intentionally.
It all went through casually.

This be the way men explain
if there is a call of disdain
that would bring about pain.

None does owe allegiance
None would answer with diligence.
Most like to withdraw in reticence.

If this be the case of success
there would be a clambered nexus
that explodes all possibilities in a guess.causes



moderationA moderation be on the scene
that being of a composure
not letting out the feeling like the teens
showing a tempered approach in posture
that be of great interest to all
as an affectation leads to a distaste
an extreme attempt directs to a fall
a little withdrawal in no haste
brings in a lot of success unexpected
exclusiveness should be the motivation
a plausibility of mingling with a restraint detected
shows a voluminous relishing sensation


How To Bring Destruction?

There be an intrusion

be it  small or simple

be it  big or complicated

it being an interference

needing not much attention

yet creates a disturbance

that be one of distribution

not one of accumulation

deranging the eternity

fragmenting the infinity

there goes a missile

not be it literally

being seen as a weapon

that throws the eternal

shatters the universal

breaks them into pieces

being the aim intended

succeeds in achieving

a victory for destruction.




The Fall Physical And Mental

It being an abject fall
with all bones crumbled
being  unable to  crawl
he groaned and fumbled
crying with pain  and yelping
he lay on the ground
with none to render a helping
his fear was real and bound
as time was passing in a way
between life and death
his existence was exposed to a play
releasing a sense  of dearth
so be all in reality
being similar in experience too
with the failure exactly
there would be not even two
offering comfort and  aid
when the downfall becomes prominent
as there would rise a despondency imminent



The Way To Popularity.

Likely he goes about.

Cheerfully  he goes around.

Charmingly he gets along

Lovingly he condescends  across.

Affably he  moves ahead.

That be his way all through

making him  great and powerful affable





A Way To Succeed.

A sensible way is to get out of chaos
gconfusionetting deep into the confusion
adds fuel to the fire feel many
leading to a place nowhere
but certainly predicts a doom.
With that in mind playing a safe game
he elopes away rather ticklish
creating a secure fence around him
making him invincible and triumphant.
Well, it is how one should act
if one wants to succeed alone
but if one wishes to consider the whole thing
then has to get into the depth
unravel the mystery that surrounds it
going ahead in a mission to set right
the human race which is going astray alarmingly.


He Would Win Over.

The pressure is rising
It is stifling.
Going a little forward
sends in a big push backward.
back to the old status.
With fingers crossed
with a sullenness embossed
he sits dazed in a corner
knowing not
how to win over?

He would win over.
His friend assures him over and over.
But he has lost hope entire.
Having been true and sincere
he receives no reward ever
Having been diligent and hard-working
leaves him with nothing.
He sits dazed in a corner
knowing not
how to win over?

He would win over
It looks he would not win over.
The righteous get setbacks initially.
They are in tight spots temporarily.
They are not in the majority.
So their fight appears a waste outwardly.
As all know truth is triumphant finally
He would win and regain confidence
as he stands for truth with evidence
He would certainly emerge victorious.images (83)


Go With The Tide.

With a bewildering thought
he made an apprehensive start
digging into the foray
getting into the array
knowing no other avenue
got into the venue
and lost himself in the milieu
vanishing in the retinue
becoming one with a crowd
losing the identity in a shroud
as it is always easy to go with a majority
than stay back with the minority
though the minority fight for justice
which is a folly thaat would be teased
and their rising vehementally in protest
as against the destructive tests
which they had undergone and undergo
without a faltering ego.
As it looks and sounds go with the tide
is safe and secure to abide
he amalgamated himself with the winning
and in course of time would be shining.
This is what is called as real prudence.
go with a tide.

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It Is Near You.

It is right in front of you.

It is very near you.

It is actually beside you.

It is obviously visible to you.

It is waiting for you.

Grab it says someone to you.

Do not miss it cries the other one to you.

It is a  bit of a quandary to you.

But   it is an opportunity to you.

Make the most of it is the advice to you.

Get going success is yours.