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Straight I Go.

Straight I go.
Turn not left or right
Focused I am.

All Around

The years have gone by
with the tears flowing down
nothing is moving up
there being a stagnancy all around.

The days going in the right
with the acts turning left
nothing is progressing straight
there being a halt all around.

The hours are going west
with the sun rising east
nothing is promising north or south
there being a stop all around. 

The rays are falling vertical
with the shadow showing horizontal
nothing there could be broad or narrow
there being  no move all around.

As there be a stoppage in the light
with the natural darkness in the night
nothing there could be in the  life
there being no proportion seen all around.  shadow

The Motivation

Things have to be done

a let off would  lead to a halt

that be the motivation behind

going with a deep involvement

the factors being pointed out

the figures being worked out

the graph being drawn

the strategies framed with skill

a lot of attention being diverted

the outcome would have been wonderful

if the time had been in favour

so that goes by the belief

be there in the right time

at the right place being vital right place

then you catch the opportunity

with that you get off the mark .



Not True

He believes his siblings most
thinking them to be great
dumping his wife and children
who stand by him of late
telling them they are not fit
and refrains from talking
fearing they would question
speaks to his wife
just for believenecessity
now she has decided
to keep away from him
as she Knows that
he would not stand by her.

A Way To Succeed.

A sensible way is to get out of chaos
gconfusionetting deep into the confusion
adds fuel to the fire feel many
leading to a place nowhere
but certainly predicts a doom.
With that in mind playing a safe game
he elopes away rather ticklish
creating a secure fence around him
making him invincible and triumphant.
Well, it is how one should act
if one wants to succeed alone
but if one wishes to consider the whole thing
then has to get into the depth
unravel the mystery that surrounds it
going ahead in a mission to set right
the human race which is going astray alarmingly.

Change In Sight.

Live together without any fight.
Eat together without any bite.
Work together without disputed might.
That was how we were brought up right.

Living together has taken a flight.
Eating together is no more a trait.
Working together has become very tight.
That is how we are living almost right.

With the change in sight.
We get along straight
with a keen insight
That is how it goes right.