Nothing Much

Nothing much to be seen

nothing much to be dreamed

nothing much in the plight

nothing much to view in sight

nothing much remains to work

nothing much stays to hook

so saying there is nothing much

let us go about as such.nothing much

insecurity. Poetry Pride

Great And Nothing

The feel of greatness 

keeps me awestruck

the thought of nothingness

relates to a  daring pluck

both awakens us to a reality

greatness is abstract

and it  commands an instability

the pride makes us insecure in fact

nothingness is a vacuum  definitely

it lends an emptiness and an alarm

the fear makes us indolent  exactly

the apprehension arises from the storm

one being correlated  to the other

pride and insecurity  coordinate

greatness and nothingness  do  bother

with the same tenor not in a deviate.great and nothing


A Nonsense

Right in front of the eye
there was a cry
did not subdue with a try
rather rose very high
breaking the silence
exerted with diligence
showed no reverence
there was an inference
that it was a feigned one
an effort that is done
never at all for fun
but for a lively stunt
which inflicted a lot of brunt
not being done for a hunt
but being resolved by an aunt
who stood like a stone
and amended all the broken bones
with that kept the issue in tone
finally she was left all alone.nonsense


Nothing .

Nothing is everything
as everything sometimes become nothing
something to brood.everything-nothing-twist-vonnegut


Know Not

Know not nothing to pen
Know not nothing to think
Know not nothing to imagine.
I sit awkward on a bench
with the stare empty
with a feel of anguish
along with fatigue
also with a resolution
to wait till everything resolves
they might or might not
that depends on the situation.empty_stare_by_gilraen_ar_feiniel-d4ss5p0


All Around

The years have gone by
with the tears flowing down
nothing is moving up
there being a stagnancy all around.

The days going in the right
with the acts turning left
nothing is progressing straight
there being a halt all around.

The hours are going west
with the sun rising east
nothing is promising north or south
there being a stop all around. 

The rays are falling vertical
with the shadow showing horizontal
nothing there could be broad or narrow
there being  no move all around.

As there be a stoppage in the light
with the natural darkness in the night
nothing there could be in the  life
there being no proportion seen all around.  shadow


Nothing Be There

Nothing there is as much as we imagine

nothing there is as much as we see

nothing there is as much as we hear

nothing there is as much as we feel

there is nothing at all

as time passes into memory

as the impressions fade away

as the scenery gets distempered

as the tale becomes obsolete

as the experience turns outdated

really there is nothing  at all everywhere download (40)


The Desert And Its Charm

The long arid desert with nothing

the vast expanse of land without anything

just a stretch of   sand white all the way

could see only the sunlight all the day

might not present a vivid picture

being plain and colourless   in stricture

they too lend a beauty  great

making known to the world  to date

that nothing has a value immense

as it is the starting point in all essence.

With the zero  begins the numerical regime

so with the desert rolls the other teams

that of hills, mountains, ocean, and fertile lands

images (32)synchronizing the world into a place grand.




Nothing More.

Nothing more to write

says the mind in straight.

Nothing  more to think

sees the mind with a blink.

Nothing more to solve

calls the mind with a resolve.

Nothing more to wrap

tells the mind with a snap.

Nothing more a to be found

as the mind shuts things around.nothing more







Nothing More Pretty Much

Nothing much I find in writing

Nothing much i write about.

Nothing much I do think of.

Nothing much I learn also.

Pdownload (4)retty much I live as I am

not bothered about name and fame

Pretty much i stand alone

not wanting to get into the crowd.

Well that much I can say about me

as I having nothing more to reveal.