I write with all my skill

got nothing till

be in the way of money

not even in a tiny

received nothing in fame

is it not a shame?


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Poetry powerful sharp together.

Fame, Power, Briliiance

He being famous

seems to be powerful

a natural combination.

He being powerful

thinks he is very sharp

not a combination.

Power and fame

go together not the brilliance

in fame, power, brillianceanyway together.

Poetry validity.

The Name And Fame.

A name and a fame
comes with a claim
with a validity
not with strain
nor with any gain
could be of yester years.

A name and a fame
comes in so many claims
with a push and pull
not with sincerity
nor with any ingenuity
is vogue in recent years.

A name and a fame
comes in a tame
stands the test of times
that comes out of force
will not withstand the course
so be the difference in and a fame

dedication motivation Poetry renown

The Theorem Of Fame.

Fame would come in any ways

be you a writer of plays

else be you a cartoonist

you a politician with sway

or  be you a cartoonist all gay

also, a wise man growing grey

the renown comes your way

when you go about with a dedication

when you  perform with a motivation

when you attempt with a resolution

none can stop you from attaining fame

be it not an  effect tame

be it one  without blame

that would put others to shame

and make you rise in fame and name.hall of fame


The Virtuoso Of A Poet.

A poet needs to be an observer

never a participant  he be

taking the role of a spectator

lends him  material to quote

plenty and intrinsic be his content

assuming the role of a go between

makes him lose his identity

choosing to be a mediocre

having shallow and superficial ideas to talk.

This being the simple principle that lies ahead

the poet ought to be in a position secluded

Well, that has been the status of every poet

be he grand and celebrated

or he be modest and not poetrywell-known.

Poetry claims fame and posterity

being a symbol of great value

with  greater minds to read through

and greatest intellects to revel on it.



Nothing More Pretty Much

Nothing much I find in writing

Nothing much i write about.

Nothing much I do think of.

Nothing much I learn also.

Pdownload (4)retty much I live as I am

not bothered about name and fame

Pretty much i stand alone

not wanting to get into the crowd.

Well that much I can say about me

as I having nothing more to reveal.


The Little Pansy

The lovely little pansy
peeps through the daffodils
calling you to see her
reminding you of her presence.
Mostly she goes unnoticed in the garden
as she is surrounded by flowers
which bear download (17) grandeur and fame

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Mastery Of Science.

Science is difficult to master.

None can become a master.

It exudes even the master.

It inducts a diligence in the  master.

It shuns a lethargy of the master.

It brings about a spark  to a master.

It flips up the image of a master.

It alleviates the status  of a master.

It attributes to the skill a master.

It compiles all inventions to master.

It dissects all experiments to master.

It is a theory hard to master.

It steers an adaptability easy to master.

Scientific discovery adds a glow to the master.

Scientific abuse bring ignominy to  the master.

It dubs  and acknowledges the great  master.

It stubs and condemns the fake master.

Mastery of science is  unlikely to master.








Beauty Enlightenment Experience Inspiration Interpretation Lesson thoughts

Honourable Thou Art.

She has reached the threshold of fame.

She is a lady with a name.

Everyone, for sure, has a name.

Her personality gives  a shot to the name.


She has an air of splendour.

She extends an affable render.

She  is elegant and slender.

She exhibits a graceful tender.


She is a recipient of the highest honour.

Awards and prizes come to her  from all corners.

She remains the most spectacular donor.

She distributes. all her prize money to the loners.

Her philanthropy  adds to her glamour.

She commands a spontaneous reverence.

Her charisma delivers an effervescence.

Her bent of mind  marks a noble reference.

Her style calls for a valid  observance.

No wonder, she is  a lady of brilliance.