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Development —–All Pervasive.

The D series

makes me serious

away it throws

with a force

a lot of qualities

being a rarity

as men go weird

and tend to get fed up

slip and fall all the more.

The one being development

calls for an achievement

a progress on all sides

holding nothing in an abide

the personality blooms

the character looms

integrity and culture

the interaction and character

the execution with poise

include all the choice

development argues

could be found in not too many.

Being so of the human race

development augurs in all fields

indicates a promotion in policies

and incorporated in the schemes

whereas countries indulge in economic advance

could also be found in education

wherein and where not development not plays

the word itself holds  magical powers

well enough to confer showers.


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Mothers Stand Aside Please.

Jumping and hopping in the garden
the little girl spent her evening
much to the displeasure of her mother.

The girl was good in schoolwork
well equipped in science and maths
excelled in all subjects with distinction.

Yet the mother wanted her to do more.
wishing her daughter to clinch the honour
in an inimitable manner setting a record.

The over enthusiasm of the mother
looked awkward at times turning it into
green greed restricting the child’s pleasures.

The girl with her sweet temper drew a line
between her mother’s ambition and her own outlets
and did extraordinary in her academics in the year-end.

Delighted the mother made a great fuss
unaware of how her daughter made both ends meet.
telling everyone as how she encouraged the girl.

Mothers, please stand aside and watch your ward advance.
let not you impose your wishes on them autocratly
remember childhood crosses only once in life.



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Grades Get Across

gradesGrades get across in learning
weighed by money and kind.
raising the rank high
facilitating a seat in courses
otherwise needing a skill
demanding a comprehension
working on a sensibility
to pursue the coveted programs.

Grades get across in business
cared by bribe and manipulation
promoting the transactions over and above
enabling an amazing growth
otherwise needing an acumen
requiring strong principles
practising on ethics
to get ahead of the potential deals.

Grades stumble and fall in politics
governed by deceit and greed
introducing a tall claim
enabling an unbelievable progress
otherwise needing a credibility
necessitating an integrity
inviting a trust
to acquire a ministerial berth.

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Mastery Of Science.

Science is difficult to master.

None can become a master.

It exudes even the master.

It inducts a diligence in the  master.

It shuns a lethargy of the master.

It brings about a spark  to a master.

It flips up the image of a master.

It alleviates the status  of a master.

It attributes to the skill a master.

It compiles all inventions to master.

It dissects all experiments to master.

It is a theory hard to master.

It steers an adaptability easy to master.

Scientific discovery adds a glow to the master.

Scientific abuse bring ignominy to  the master.

It dubs  and acknowledges the great  master.

It stubs and condemns the fake master.

Mastery of science is  unlikely to master.








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A Searching

It is a likelihood of terms.

It is a livelihood of means.

It is that which protract.


It is a pronouncement of authority.

It is a reference to  dignity.

It is that which reacts.


It is a scene of distraction.

It is a sequence of deviation.

It is that which distributes.


It is a cause for anxiety.

It is a wait for result.

It is that which attributes .


It is a general outlook.

It is a genial  approach.

It is that which occupies.


It is a classic example.

It is a wonderful picture.

It is that which presents.


It is a lovely grace.

It is a fine poise.

It is that which creates.


It is an apparition.

It is a distinction.

It is that which endears.


Well it is a synthesis.

Well  it is a symphony.

Well it is that which enlightens.


So goes on the thoughts.

So runs the descriptions.

So spreads the vision.


Light up a needy child.

Brighten up the handicapped.

Take care of the aged.


A motivation that has to be elicited.

A motto that has to be adopted.

A memorandum that has to  be understood.


It might sound like a teaching.

It might echo a preaching.

In reality it is a searching.




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Are Schools Really Seats of Learning?


Article first published as Are Schools Really Seats of Learning? on Blogcritics.


Schools are seats of learning. They should inculcate values and establish reason while imparting education. The personality, as a whole, should undergo a development.

The child in school has to blossom into a beautiful individual endowed with refinement and sharpened wit. Academic excellence alone should not be the prime criterion, as it can be anybody’s achievement once you rely on learning by rote, revisiting the subjects often, and taking innumerable tests and examinations. Top grades have become the targets of modern schools, which try to churn out products in quantity tagged with high scores, very much akin to industries producing goods.

Industry aims at profit and looks out for competition. If the industrial houses slacken their productivity their existence in this highly competitive world becomes a question mark. They have to service loans borrowed from financial institutions, pay wages to their workers, buy raw materials, maintain quality, pay power charges, and spend on research and building infrastructure to survive in the marketplace. As their demands are high, they concentrate on production.

Schools do not have such compulsions. Production should not be their aim. Quality should come first. The teacher should teach the child in depth, not look into the grades. The pupil should understand the subject before he or she is tested on it. The child should enjoy learning, which leads to a love of the subject. It is the teacher who makes a lesson interesting or boring. A monotonous lecture confined to the subject renders it extremely uninteresting. An hour of lecture should contain a pep talk, a discussion relevant to the subject, then take up the core lesson followed by a short question and answer period.

The last period of every school day should be allotted to games, moral science, library, hand work, debating, and quizzing. The students’ work should be displayed in the classroom ando remain there for the term. Parents should be invited to see their child’s performance. This would develop bonding, a grip over the child, and a rapport with the teachers.

How many schools do these things? The child right from kindergarten is subject to tests. Examinations bring in fear. The small child undergoes a tedium that robs him of his childhood fancy and imagination. He becomes a live gadget and assumes a mechanical style of living. He gets up in the morning, rushes to school, listens to the teachers, comes back home, does homework, and prepares for tests. His eyes automatically close, leaving him a hapless child devoid of freedom and enjoyment.

The parental pressure on the child is enormous. They impose their aspirations on him. They want him to become an engineer or a medical professional so that he can turn out to be an income generating machine. The child has no choice. He has to obey his parents. The child has to study irrespective of his wishes, and graduates as an engineer or doctor. Thus begins his ordeal of making money. He does so and builds wealth. He has sacrificed his interests and love. He has lost his childhood happiness which will never come back at any price.

Nowadays schools are run as businesses. Education has become expensive. It is an economic novelty bound by no principles. It is a great money spinner. Many with little education establish schools, as they yield enormous revenue. The world has found a technique based not on science or commerce, but on the fundamentals of desire and greed.

Schools  are apparently great enchanters attracting the public with their intrigue and seducing them by their fanciful advertisements and misleading pro formas.