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The Evening Tea.

The lights were switched on
every  corner  was illuminated
 the garden became  bright.
The breeze flowed gently
 there was a drizzle
and the moon was posted steadfast.
turned out to be an enchanting evening
 We gathered around for tea.
chatting and chuckling.
 The table was laid with 
Crisp vadas
 sizzling   samosas 
Gulab jamuns and hot tea.
Biting the vada dipped in chutney 
 and nibbling the samosas
we talked  myriad subjects.


The recent election in Tamilnadu
 where a nonagenarian and
an ailing woman  contested.
How money played the trick?
 the manoeuvres of both
were exposed  in spirited speech.
Economics found its way
 analysing how  the bear and the  bull
 are  fighting   at Dalal Street.
Swamy’s dig at Raguram Rajan
and Rajan’s inclination to quit.
The movies and their impact on the people
 came up in a rush.Rajini and Kamal
  as college goers at the age of sixty.
Meanwhile, the table became empty
as we unknowingly have gobbled
 all that had been laid.
The night grew dark.

Meenakshi Somasundaram.

The Blunt

Blunt is the brain

feeble and fragile it deigns

greatness  seen in a feign

that is how leaders reign

oscillate they to gain

blessed they are with rain

that come with no srain

it being monetary in main.indian_politics

Grades Get Across

gradesGrades get across in learning
weighed by money and kind.
raising the rank high
facilitating a seat in courses
otherwise needing a skill
demanding a comprehension
working on a sensibility
to pursue the coveted programs.

Grades get across in business
cared by bribe and manipulation
promoting the transactions over and above
enabling an amazing growth
otherwise needing an acumen
requiring strong principles
practising on ethics
to get ahead of the potential deals.

Grades stumble and fall in politics
governed by deceit and greed
introducing a tall claim
enabling an unbelievable progress
otherwise needing a credibility
necessitating an integrity
inviting a trust
to acquire a ministerial berth.

The colour of Jealousy

jealousychildJealousy is an illness no doubt.
It is a mental addiction in a clout.
The mildest form reveals itself in a pout.
Shrugging the shoulders is a wee ahead of a bout.
The raised eyebrows twine up into a knotty flout
expressing a displeasure in a manner stout.

Jealousy springs up for no cause whatsoever.
It is an inspiration wrong however.
The feeling of envy is widespread all over.
The trace of it is found in kids little so ever.
Thick and dense it accumulates in the mind of grown ups in an over.
Love,business and politics effectively tumble over.

Races are destroyed by this lowly quality.
Nations war with each other in a note faulty.
Bloodshed and killing are found in enormity.
Peace walks out in distress from the locality.
Kindness and affection share a miss out due to this impetuosity.
All things negative build up because of this triviality.

A slight difference brings into force this yellowish attrition.
A marginal high up forces in a jarring distraction.
Envy tells history rattled many an empire to descend into the oblivion.
It has led to dethronement in successive attacks all to a dissolution.
Could this evil thought be plucked from the mind in total resolution.
Life would undergo an enhancement and bloom into an evergreen depiction.

Indian Elections – A Fantastic Slide Show.

The election to the Indian  Parliament  is over. The campaigning was not attractive. The policies put forward by various parties lack veracity. The candidates have no pronounced capacity.On   the whole ,it appears as though the people have lost interest in governance.

A  Tamil saying goes thus , Raman andal enna ,Ravanan andal enna? Interpreting , iis easy. Whoever governs does not matter? , whether it be a Raman, the incarnation of God or a Ravana, the embodiment of destruction.

The governance of this ancient  nation is a wonderful parody. is a deliberate paradox, and a progressive mockery. The politicians, are a set of individuals , focused on amassing wealth and hoarding money. To get a ratification from a government authority , you have to pay the stipulated fee ,plus some extras to the passing officer. To get a plan approved , you have to wait longer, if you go through the proper channel, but get immediate attention, if you pass on some extras to the concerned officials. To raise  a loan in  public sector banks ,  you have to spend a percentage , to get it done. To get electrical connection to your house, you have to shell out  a few extras to the electrical engineer. To get approval regarding water supply , you have to push little extras to the sanctionig officer. To make use of your Provident fund accruals, you have to ensure liberal extras to the passing authority. To enhance your school ‘s teaching faculty, you should assure the education department of an handsome  extra. .

Considering the policies of the government, a sheltered batch , has taken the reigns. Before passing any regulation, this coterie , endorses the proposal . If the select elite reject  the proposition  goes down the drain. The coalition parties , make things worse , by meddling into each and every interlude. The cabinet , is at the mercy of the rich and the linked parties.

Governance is a word that exists in terms.  There is no rule whatsoever, no progress howsoever, no discipline wheresoever. The largest democracy is undergoing a painful stress. We anticipate , that there would be no absolute majority to any party. A distressed designate  has to wear the crown of democracy, which would be adorned with thorny , rugged stuff.

Obama Needs Time

Obama has been the President of U.S for just a month and a half.He has become the most powerful man at the most powerless economic scenario. His potency and potentiality ,though apparently  overwhelming,virtually have limited scope. he has to discern, to look into procedures with great care, to probe into anomalies with definite introspection, to have a keen insight of the country’s requirement, and monitor each and every single development with apprehension.

He has to be a full time office goer. A little relaxation will run into chaos. A small distraction will plunge the State in a dilemma. A slight fall back will lead to commotion. A tiny error will herald a gorgreous tumble.

His team , has to work day in and day out ,to bring in a restoration of livid economy and revive the deranged spirit of the people. We witness a practically numbed atmosphere a seducing calmness which threaten the very existence.Many unemployed  are quivering at their  future.The faces of frightened children, worried mothers, and depressed men  provoke anger at one end and distress at other.

Where has the money gone? This gnawing question keep on ringing in every mind. The real answer to this query is, it has gone into the hands of greedy CEO’s, infidel politicians, and the naughty elites.Madoff, Stanford ,have pocketed loads of money in a few years. Pocketing loads of money ,sounds like a paradox.Ain’t  it? Well that is what they have done. Stripped the layman of his shirt and have laid him bare chested on the lane.

Do  these men have a heart? How to reprimand them?.They have stealthily looted the nation.

Obama has a hard task ahead of him. He has to work really hard to set right the economy. He has to work overtime,to reform the society. The value of education has to be tracked back. Morals have to be attended to. Thrift and savings have to be brought back. These two qualities have been forgotten by the present day Americans. Obama has to evince personal supervision in the area of education , as the Americans have slackened in this particular  vital attribute.

Let us give time to Obama to work out his plans.