enthuse friend Poetry

She Is There To Help.

Wrote I poems day after day
some met with readers in a way
others found little response in the sway
that made me not gay.

Yet, I write day after day
without a break and play
I met an unknown face in the fray
she turned to be a light of ray.

She gently showed me the right way
cheered me up with a lively hey!
gave clues to me Acts-of-kindness-connectin a warm say
Now, I have come a long way

She pops from nowhere till today
enthuses me to do the best always
familiar she has become in a way
closer we get to know each other day by day.

fair Poem

Fair She Is

Fair she looks

Fair in all ways

the skin being light

the thoughts being  great

the attitude always  passive

the speech almost right

the movement very straight

she  being honest

lives a life just and fair

fair in all she could and should

smiles with a shine

expresses  with a  fine

Indeed, she is a loving  kind.



The Fishing Fish

The fish known for its softness

glides through the river in a distance

glimmering beautiful with rays falling

The movements of the fish being keenly watched

displaying a perfect momentum endorsed

a speed gentle and graceful.

Looking at its float in the rustling waters

going about in a timely sequence in rhythmic quarters

releasing a pleasure all too extensive.

The sleepy eyes exhibit a gentle kindness

benign and appeasing they stray with a tenderness

spreading a placid sobriety.

Calm be they in their composure

Peaceful they slip into the wavy treasure

Heavenly it is to perceive them.


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Grades Get Across

gradesGrades get across in learning
weighed by money and kind.
raising the rank high
facilitating a seat in courses
otherwise needing a skill
demanding a comprehension
working on a sensibility
to pursue the coveted programs.

Grades get across in business
cared by bribe and manipulation
promoting the transactions over and above
enabling an amazing growth
otherwise needing an acumen
requiring strong principles
practising on ethics
to get ahead of the potential deals.

Grades stumble and fall in politics
governed by deceit and greed
introducing a tall claim
enabling an unbelievable progress
otherwise needing a credibility
necessitating an integrity
inviting a trust
to acquire a ministerial berth.

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The Basics of an Ideal Man.

graceThe qualities of men are inborn.
The birth gives a tag with a fawn.
The bringing up adds to the personality greatly.
The background lends a charm definitely.

The pleasant buoyancy is a phenomenon natural.
The dignified grace is a facility of immense approval.
The loving smile is an added tool to win everyone at all levels.
Any move of kindness draws all sectors to a close gathering most unusual.

The family makes a man what he is.
The education teaches him how he should be by thesis.
The association leads him how to interact by basis
The integrity crowns him with glory without any treatise.