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Fair Drags —- Foul Hastens

Fair and foul

plays the wind

not only the wind

but the mind oscillates

between fair and foul

a Hamletian dilemma  exists

virtually foul wins over

as fair  comes behind

it drags and delays

tests the patience

while foul is upbeat

charms and entices

holds with a tight fist

wins over in a wink

that be the speed of foul

as all things bad

go with a rush.fair is foul

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Fair Being Beautiful

Fair is a beautiful word

fair in all ways

fair by all means

a literary of the fairest of all

a metaphoric of the exactness in all

could carry a strategic reference

with a justifiable occurrence

when fair and foul plays the wind

fair and foul happen everywhere in all kinds

as long has been the delay in  settle the score

the strange sudden  thought of fair interrupts

lands up in a phase of uneasiness with a disrupt

well, patience, as you know has an endurance

when put to  a test curls up with a reluctance

the mind  deciphers the deceit well beyond

falls into a dissolution unable to negotiate  further.fair a beautiful word

fair Poem

Fair She Is

Fair she looks

Fair in all ways

the skin being light

the thoughts being  great

the attitude always  passive

the speech almost right

the movement very straight

she  being honest

lives a life just and fair

fair in all she could and should

smiles with a shine

expresses  with a  fine

Indeed, she is a loving  kind.



Fair And Foul

Fair and foul plays the wind.

fair being less of a kind

foul being more with a bind

there rises a wind with force.


The fair wind being lovely

blows across with a soft whistle

flowing through the face with grace

and through the land with  smothering trace.


The foul the wind be all through

raging with a fierce  slew

knocking down everything on the way

tormenting the land and sea all  in a day.


Being so in life all the most

with the fairness being seen less

while the foulness overwhelms

there seems to be the bad overcoming the best.

fair and foul


Fair Be Everything.

Fair be everything

 that be in the mind

 then going you find

foul be all the more.


That be the experience

not only to me but o you

where you find yourself in a pool

full of vibes and viles.


Those are the expressions

that fair would be all

just would be all

that go into the sway.


They be expressions

nothing more  in real

very  much spelt

than practised.


Going by the world

by its  deceits

fair is not the word

that be found in olden days.


Gone is the value of fair

as we see everything foul

so now fair out beats fair ‘

with that let  us be happy.


Fair be everything

has been transformed

as fair not be in anything

let us be contented with that.



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There Sits the Child.

A child over there,

 sits in a corner,

with nothing to share,

looks like a loner,

none to care,

expresses a sordid  groan,

nervous  like a hare,

crys like a mourner,

confined to a bare,

thinking aloud  no sooner,

falls  down in scare,

collapsing every other in a flare,

well, that is  the end of the fair.




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Street Fair Named Humble

Almost anything is found in the road fare,

Not only wears but also wares,

Not only snacks but also  dinner

Not  only play guns but also missiles,

All   apparently  posing absolute simplicity,

Priced  latently  with utmost  felicity.

Bargains go in a hectic range of  float,

The vendor   comes out with a  quote,

That  baffles  the   alert   buyer

Who hides  his  rising temper,

In a feigned  distraction,

Kindling the seller’s inclination.

There arises a verbal dual,

Keeping both in a gruel,

The seller  claiming too  much

The  purchaser  refuting such,

The rest  delight in the argument,

Procrastinating the settlement.

The tug extends to a  time,

Either of them unresponsive to the prime,

Lastly the giver of the goods yields to a limit,

The  taker  of the product  unwilling to leave the summit,

Comes out with a feasible tag to both,

Finally the deal  ends in a solemn oath.

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How Fair We Are?

“I am the fairest of all “

Story of Snow White recall,

Fair you are,

In complexion and colour,

Are you fair in other?

Quoth the mirror?

Not to Snow white alone,

But   to everyone.

Snow white smiles affably

While we  grin peevishly,

She nods gently,

Whilst we shiver nervously,

She is fair all through,

But we are unfair  to the cue,

She sweeps across in pride,

When we weep over in deride,

Snow white is the fairest of all,

Is not a claim tall.!!

How fair  are you?

We do not have a clue.