amass betray curiosity deceit duo plunder Poetry

Tale Like A Tail

tale like a tailThe tale goes like a tail

long in an elongation

a plausible  story all possible

the deceit of a duo in a forfeit

they join hands in a conjoining

betray the third one in the fray

they have succeeded in a succession

amassed enough in en masse

continue to do so in  the  continuous  moves

hope to elope with the plunder

would they ?  a curiosity out of  the woods

have to wait to find how they behave

deceit foul Poetry

Fair Being Beautiful

Fair is a beautiful word

fair in all ways

fair by all means

a literary of the fairest of all

a metaphoric of the exactness in all

could carry a strategic reference

with a justifiable occurrence

when fair and foul plays the wind

fair and foul happen everywhere in all kinds

as long has been the delay in  settle the score

the strange sudden  thought of fair interrupts

lands up in a phase of uneasiness with a disrupt

well, patience, as you know has an endurance

when put to  a test curls up with a reluctance

the mind  deciphers the deceit well beyond

falls into a dissolution unable to negotiate  further.fair a beautiful word

deceit greed Poetry

The Sayings Say

Mercy is twice blessed

blesses the one that gives

and that one who takes

That be of mercy

think of greed

it is twice cursed

curses the one that gives

curses the other who takes

think of deceit

it is twice an evil

destroys the one who does

destroys the other who lets it be done

so go the sayings new and old

take it or leave it is yhqdefaultour goal.

converstion deceit Poetry

I Ask The Stars.

Fortunate in all sense
I am the one insensible
my heart turns heavy and dense
it is the most possible
nothing else works as I wish
my heart too flounders and beats
I cry and shout only with a hiss
my organs drive me round the beats
I sit and gaze a the sky
I often do that to be in tune
I look at the stars high
twinkle as well in a fine tune
ask the stars in a voice soft
were you not ever cheated?
the stars let out a twinkle fast
could it mean they too were cheatedStars-in-the-sky-daydreaming-26168110-1024-768
I drag the stars to my side in fast
it looks to me that they say
it is not you and me in the world
it is all those who are quiet through the days
would be deprived and deceived in acts and word.

culture deceit greed languages. Poetry

That Being A Strange Land.

That being islanda strange land

where there are many bands

with people of varied culture

having distinctive features

speak not one but seven hundred  tongue

they be the languages in a flung

customs almost same in respects

perceptions differ in aspects

unity is  seldom found

the island reverberates with the sound

a fight here and quarrel there

marks with an evil  stare

dislodge the one from his post

push him to the end of the coast

has been the way of the islanders

as such no progress is seen in a stretch

a reprimand and  discipline could wrench

the people from their quench

being a thirst of greed and  deceit.

Anger blame deceit Poetry shift turn

Turn The Table.

Turn the table

a categorical expression

means a lot  if thought  intense.

Table is turned

a convenience literally

the space and the wish matters.

Table is turned

a convenience in a way

shift the blame and game with ease.

Turn the table

with a bang strong

you win though in a wrong.

Turn the table

with a tact smart

again you win the game subtly.

Turn the table

with deceit and anger

you might win the game thereto.

Turning  the table

holds you not for long

as your treachery surfaces slowly.

A moral we learn

a literal turn is yours,flipping_all_the_tables_by_nekoshiba-d570fy2 no issue

a planned turn lets you down.