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The Sayings Say

Mercy is twice blessed

blesses the one that gives

and that one who takes

That be of mercy

think of greed

it is twice cursed

curses the one that gives

curses the other who takes

think of deceit

it is twice an evil

destroys the one who does

destroys the other who lets it be done

so go the sayings new and old

take it or leave it is yhqdefaultour goal.

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That Being A Strange Land.

That being islanda strange land

where there are many bands

with people of varied culture

having distinctive features

speak not one but seven hundred  tongue

they be the languages in a flung

customs almost same in respects

perceptions differ in aspects

unity is  seldom found

the island reverberates with the sound

a fight here and quarrel there

marks with an evil  stare

dislodge the one from his post

push him to the end of the coast

has been the way of the islanders

as such no progress is seen in a stretch

a reprimand and  discipline could wrench

the people from their quench

being a thirst of greed and  deceit.

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The Evolution Of Man.

A man with limited means
not had gone to school in his teens
with very little knowledge of anything
with a deficit behavioural inkling
calls himself an investment wizard
his voice rustles like a blizzard
shrieking high at times
grunting low most times
it be a babble of sounds
too little a time it drowns
talks with an articulation
emphasizes with a gestation
the man I have seen for long
say a forty years, not wrong
lived in all humility in the early years
turned greedy and a liar in the middle years
now a pronounced cheat at his ripe age
Oh! he is just another creature in rampage.rampage

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Stealth Cat.

A sparrow sitting on a bough
singing merrily high above
came down in a speedy flight
seeing a morsel of bread on sight
a big fluffy cat came chasing
as the little sparrow was descending
forcing the bird to a hasty retreat
as the cat wanted to have the entire treat
The morsel was in fragments small
not enough for the cat’s call
but adequate for the sparrow
Cats are known for their stealth and sly
as greed always has its way
the cat got nothing out of its try
but successfully made the little bird fly.

cat and sparrow,

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Greed Conquers

greedy_handThe greedy hand
seized the brand
built with pain
let alone for gain.

The brand was a fruit
of a band cute
developing patents
to the able tenants.

In a limited time
the greedy claim
the rights as their own
usurping all in a tone.

The inventions
got a distinction
but this abrupt seizure
served as teaser.

Well, that being so
the avaricious in slow
snatch the whole
causing a drole.

No not what to do
the brainy brood
losing their rights
which go out of sight.

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Why Do Men Cry?

When do men cry?
Do you know?
Yes, for reasons that might sound familiar.
They wail loud uncontrollably
while they experience a loss
either be it death of a loved one
or be it a wipe away of the bullion
They break down instantly
when they are beaten,
either by their coparceners to a finality
or by their competitors in validity.
They weep inconsolably
while they are overtaken
either by their rivals in the run
or by their friends for no fun.
They shed tears immediately
when they get infuriated
either by their inability to achieve the slot
or by their inefficiency to amass wealth in lots.
Men do cry and sob unashamedly
when they are condemned obnoxiously,
and when they are jeered derisively.
Men cry the most in panic
when failures strike them with a blow
and when non recognition pushes them away from the flow.
Knowing now why men cry
we have to generously give themmen cry a try.

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Introspection Incoherent.

overshoot.A feeling makes an unpleasant tease
leading to an unnatural cease.
The heart sinks as it listens to the pleas
leaving a pathetic freeze.
The pleadings have no basic reasons
to evoke a sympathetic emotion.
Yet they drive through the intricacies
penetrating into the deep prairies.

The desire is to overshoot the target
so as to pluck the precious beget.
The inclination to grab the best of all
so as to enjoy the loveliest without a crawl.
The thought to hoard the goods scarcely available
so as to go with it in times of extreme liable.
Yet these instincts find a way in
slowly moulding into a greedy sin.

The avaricious are found in professionals too
solicitors,doctors of medicine are not the only two,
Teachers and bankers also tend to follow this move.
The business of politics is a study in greed
where the business men lose their lead.
The rivalry of siblings exposes another form of treachery
where connivance and lies bring forth a ghastly forgery.
Yet these deceits hastily thwart an indefatigable dream.

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Stinking Rich – Foul Or Fragrant Odor.

stinking richRich and opulent they move.
Rich and dashing they ride.
Rich and grand they live.
Rich and imperious they pose.
Yes, they are stinking rich.

Stinking rich is an idiom different.
An epithet that makes one wonder.
A phrase that resembles an oxymoron.
Altogether a coinage that rings curiosity.
Yes, the phrase smells wrong

Getting into the formation reveals many more.
Rich are termed as dirty with derision.
They are condemned as rotten with hate.
They are shunned as filthy with scorn.
Yes, the terminology sounds right.

The super rich is a euphemism many vouchsafe.
They have bought out their economy analysts deliver
They could afford their own exosphere of luxury stores.
Could not they afford tropospherical taxes?
Yes, it appears weird to witness this breakaway.

It is their hard earning a voice calls.
It is certainly so we nod.
It is not envy or greed that underlines.
It is the thought of society that urges.
Yes, it is a feeling that brings a nostalgia.

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Desire Everywhere.

Money is found everywhere.

It is found in stones in fare.

It is seen in paper all fair.

It is the cynosure of all eyes  in glare.

 As paper becomes currency to share,

doubling comes into play albeit to bear,

While stones are mined  from earth bare,

Value enters the fray with care.

When diamonds are excavated in places rare,

created finds its way in  the market with blare.

Gold rush gets ahead  with a snare.

desire  brings about a shy dare.

The longing for such is insatiable in a ware.

Calling for a buy out  in quantities is a trap flare.

It exceeds the capacity in an exhaustive bear.

Throwing out everything out of gear.



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The Hierarchy

It is  all knowing breed.

It is all accepting creed.

It is  all directing lead.

It is all-purpose feed.

It is  all amassing greed.

It is the all growing need

It is  all  germinating seed.

It is  all flourishing  deed.

It is  all nourishing weed.


 If all these supersede.

If all  these exceed.

If all these accede.

If all these proceed.

If all these succeed.

There would be a stampede.

There would be a great impede.

Promulgating a fall in speed.