What Did I commit?

I am not in the scene.
I am away from the event
both in mind and body.

I receive calls day in and day out.
The callers talk of the disastrous event.
I tell them that I was never involved.

I am disturbed by such calls.
My jaws pain and my ears ache.
What  did I commit?.


Congregation Of God Men.

The congregation of God men was on a Thursday.
Talking in length of theology all day
they adjourned to meet on Friday.
Elucidating the scriptures throughout the day
they wanted one more day.
They discussed about faith and belief on Saturday.
Requiring an extension and the next being a Sunday
they relaxed the whole Sunday.
With the refreshing outlook they dealt on Sins on Monday.
since Sins abound and the exchange exceeded the hours so extended another day.
The treasons and punishments was the topic on Tuesday.
But not enough punishment being possible to ascertain for each fault Maha Kumbh Mela In Allahabadthat day
they were taken to be summarised to the early hours of Wednesday.
As God men were not sure of the faults and prosecutions themselves
took it to be confidentially accounted on Thursday.
So with all the subjects being analysed and with no possible entreaty
the congregation was wound up and deemed excellent by talking all days.

Actions Anger desire greed Poem Sympathy thoughts threat. turmoil

Introspection Incoherent.

overshoot.A feeling makes an unpleasant tease
leading to an unnatural cease.
The heart sinks as it listens to the pleas
leaving a pathetic freeze.
The pleadings have no basic reasons
to evoke a sympathetic emotion.
Yet they drive through the intricacies
penetrating into the deep prairies.

The desire is to overshoot the target
so as to pluck the precious beget.
The inclination to grab the best of all
so as to enjoy the loveliest without a crawl.
The thought to hoard the goods scarcely available
so as to go with it in times of extreme liable.
Yet these instincts find a way in
slowly moulding into a greedy sin.

The avaricious are found in professionals too
solicitors,doctors of medicine are not the only two,
Teachers and bankers also tend to follow this move.
The business of politics is a study in greed
where the business men lose their lead.
The rivalry of siblings exposes another form of treachery
where connivance and lies bring forth a ghastly forgery.
Yet these deceits hastily thwart an indefatigable dream.

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What Goes to Make a Man?

The charm in anyone is the sincerity,

Telling things straight directly,

Referring instances exactly,

Hiding nothing wantonly,

Letting bare the facts simply,

Keeping truth as a  basic quality,

Pushing lies down as a sin instantly,

Go to make a man in all credibility.

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A Sin

To hurt others

Is a sin,

To cheat others,

Is a sin,

To disappoint others

Is a sin,

To fight with others ,

Is a sin,

To destroy others,

Is a sin,

To take vengeance on others,

Is a sin,

To speak ill of others,

Is a sin,

To loan to others ,

Is a sin,

To take decision for others ,

Is a sin.

What is it then ?

If others be wicked to us,

It is not a sin,

Accept and live,

Then living

Becomes a sin.