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My Alma Mater

The school I went

seems to be different

way back in the sixties

there were a freedom and a strictness

found with a lot of references

the no uniform code is one such

kept us in a board  and stretched

like butterflies with bright feathers

we went to school in all colours

no shoes  we wore but slippers alone

as our place  has a warm tone

our feet never perspired profusely

nor smelt  bad and felt  swanky

our hair was tightly plaited  into two

and ribbons were tied around  them

flowers were strewn together  in a string

adorned our hair in a beautiful swing

the teachers were kind and  effective

gave us a lot of space to turn reflective

they  taught us not only the subjects

also made us understand the objects around

my alma mater  was an excellent place to study

extends stillSchool an invasive knowledge and wisdom steady

am greatly indebted to the school of great merit

made me a woman of strength with  wholesome credit.

Governance peace. Poetry war White House

White House.

A flash of light

lit the land  bright

it is in the night

a beautiful sight

the moon gazes from a height

looks down straight

falls  down below on the right

where the house stands   alone

it is a  gorgeous white one

pure and crystal like in tone

very much  familiar and known

called the “White House”

a place that invited a rouse

which led to a browse

a famous icon in  a  course

wherein emanates a declaration of war   and peace

the crucial   discussions take place

the decisions show  up firm, not in a trace

the governance is done not in a haze

committed is the President never in haste

the name is synonymous with ideas chaste

it being a display of  grandeur and  magnificence

a cynosure of all eyes and a place of excellenceWhite House.


Excellence Rises Not.

Deeming it not primary

considering it secondary

 the  program was set aside.


Knowing not its full worth

throwing it out into the dearth

would end up in a great loss.


Intensity counts most

while  the morals  remain the foremost

the discard was not appropriate .


All things  with great  design

do not come up  with a sign

that be the fate of value.


Poems of excellence

actions of great reverence

have not reached the top.


A push and pull with might

necessitating  a  handsome  reward  in sight

places the schedule at the top.


All cannot afford such dispersal liberal

that would weigh on them with expense  possible

burdening them with  liabilities  in the go.










Excellence In Exuberance

artistic excellence




Excellence in exuberance

The artistic excellence seen in any area

be it in poetry or painting

much so in music and sculptor

is a studied pain of creativity

The creative skill in each one of us

comes to the brim in an effervescence

carrying with a lot of relevance

that be the outcome of that specific moment.

Gathering all along in the innermost

getting processed in the mind at the full most

growing with the days at the most

the mounted up passion finds its way almost.

Once it gets into the canvas

be it a write up or a poem

be it a recital or a piece of art

the exuberance spills all over .

There we find a masterpiece

the real craftsman’s endearing work

that is going to create a sensation

aspiring to become a legend  in time.


Congregation Of God Men.

The congregation of God men was on a Thursday.
Talking in length of theology all day
they adjourned to meet on Friday.
Elucidating the scriptures throughout the day
they wanted one more day.
They discussed about faith and belief on Saturday.
Requiring an extension and the next being a Sunday
they relaxed the whole Sunday.
With the refreshing outlook they dealt on Sins on Monday.
since Sins abound and the exchange exceeded the hours so extended another day.
The treasons and punishments was the topic on Tuesday.
But not enough punishment being possible to ascertain for each fault Maha Kumbh Mela In Allahabadthat day
they were taken to be summarised to the early hours of Wednesday.
As God men were not sure of the faults and prosecutions themselves
took it to be confidentially accounted on Thursday.
So with all the subjects being analysed and with no possible entreaty
the congregation was wound up and deemed excellent by talking all days.


Independent Stature.

Having done it so well
she did not want to tell
as she felt it would be a sell
and go to ring the bell
which otherwise would remain calm.

A composure of great depth she had,
A fine presentation she made.
A great execution she contributed in grade
making an impression of lovely shade
which otherwise would have got exposed.

Nurturing it with great care
she did not have the thought to dare
to lay the theme in a bare
but wanted to very badly share
which otherwise would have passed unnoticed.

That being her long-term plan
she did not reveal to her clan
as it had to grow still from the strand
it needed time to flower and stand
independent by itself away from the band,excellence

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The Gender

Equality is the word most pronounced these days.

Men and women are equal in all ways.

This in reality is only a say.


Men still rule high though with a prolapse.

They set aside their ominous lapse.

They walk  with pride even in a collapse.


Women still toil in profound silence.

They brush aside every offence.

They are expected not to raise their voice in defence.


Men are not any better than the women.

In truth women  fare well than men.

The fact which provokes all men.


Women strive for excellence.

Perfection is their preference.

They interact  with lot of sense.


Women rule with an iron hand.

Their executions are always grand.

They add the charm to the band.


There is slipshod in their stance.

There are breaks and falls by chance.

That do not disqualify them from our glance.


Appreciation is what they require.

Scathing criticism they do not desire.

Their enthusiasm is a lovely fire.


Men and women are entwined in life.

They go ahead together in strife.

Living graciously as man and wife.