peace. pitiable Poetry Syria

The Incredible Woe

It is a move

without a prove

it is a run

not for fun

it is a flee

never with glee

all too soon fall and  fail

yet proceed to seek bail

it is an exodus

very much in  the course

Syrians walk. sail altogether

braving  the tough weather

a pitiable sight to see them

looking very glum

what sins did they commit?

a suffering incredible indeed

our heart breaks into pieces

but lo! finds no peace.150901163142-munich1-large-169

mutter peace. Poetry sob

Peace By All Means

The old woman talks to herself all the time

seems to swear and curse someone every time

her eyes are fixed on an object far away

could it be a man or a substance in a way

she gestures and gesticulates

her actions are most articulate

she mutters “you, you——you”.

with a vengeance and an anger in blue

her toothless jaws are ever active

they go up and down in a proactive

the words are broken and torn

her voice is cracked and almost gone

she mutters with a spite

as sits  in a chair  tight

could  it be a man over there?

could it be  a woman  fair?

Oh! you cursed soul still alive

Oh! how could you thrive?

the begetter of all my troubles

Will you not falter and stumble?

How can you live for long?

when you have committed so much wrong.

She goes on and on with a sob in between

Poor soul, wish her old woman peace by all means.

Governance peace. Poetry war White House

White House.

A flash of light

lit the land  bright

it is in the night

a beautiful sight

the moon gazes from a height

looks down straight

falls  down below on the right

where the house stands   alone

it is a  gorgeous white one

pure and crystal like in tone

very much  familiar and known

called the “White House”

a place that invited a rouse

which led to a browse

a famous icon in  a  course

wherein emanates a declaration of war   and peace

the crucial   discussions take place

the decisions show  up firm, not in a trace

the governance is done not in a haze

committed is the President never in haste

the name is synonymous with ideas chaste

it being a display of  grandeur and  magnificence

a cynosure of all eyes and a place of excellenceWhite House.