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Big Holes In The Economy.

Economy is torn.

There are huge holes , heavy dents and radical crossbones.

A torn cloth , if mended never regains its original face.

A glass once broken cannot be fused together.

Adhesives do a job ,but not a completes one.

The shattered economy is in rags.

Geithner and Bernanke tried their best to attach the loose bits together.

They  did succeed to some extent, but were pulled by the rousing tempestuous frailties  which again endangered the closing survival.

The governments of all nations initiated a stimulus , a bailout, a funding to raise the economy  from  mortuary.

Few administrations were successful, but the rest were culpable to  the ill planning and wrongful programmes.

The world is frigid . It  is  frozen .

Reasonable schedules, indefatigable promotions, risky endeavours were deployed to extricate the economy.

It just rose its head.

suddenly a new issue surfaced ,giving a blow to the convalescent economy.

The finances were muddled.

The inexplicable forces are dragging the economy southwards.

The latest is the failure of the Dubai World.

A revival is not in the vicinity.

The holes are becoming larger and larger, that it is difficult to darn them.

A sincere attempt to  give  a sane covering  proves fatal.

The illicit , illegal amass of wealth, the hoardings , the tax evasion, the corruption that shroud the economy are  so deep that it is highly    impossible to relay the economy back in shape.

A stitch in time saves nine, goes the maxim.

A timely needling could have decreased the violent break down.

The fed failed.

The European governments were  ovesighted.

The Asian , specifically China and India did well to sustain the crash.

These nations ,once dubbed poor economies have shown an exemplary performance.

Concluding  with Matthew Arnold’s words,

“they also serve ,who stand and wait”

The once embittered nations have made a fabulous recovery, making the rich western counterparts blink in awe.


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A Loving Nothingness

 I glance around ,

There is  concrete building

There is habitation,

There  is  activity

There is  panic,

There is no life,

A loving nothingness.


 I hear around,

There is  jarring sound,

There is bustle,

There is discordance,

There is no  energy,

A loving nothingness.



I feel around,

There is total embarrassment,

There is  pollution,

There is discontent,

There is no spirit,

A loving nothingness.



I smell around,

There is  stinking aroma,

There is nausea,

There is dizziness,

There is no movement,

A loving nothingness.




Where are we heading to?

What are we aiming at?

Who are we targeting?

When are we reaching?

A loving nothingness.

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Indian Masala In The White House.

The Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh and his wife are on a four-day visit to U.s.

The couple were treated to a sumptuous dinner by the Obamas .

The dinner was held in the south lawn , with a canopy and ten tables overlooking the Washington monument. The resplendent colours of ruby, apple green and gold along with the floral decoration of roses, hydrangeas, paved a colourful galore.

Michelle Obama  in her strapless gown , sewn with sterling silver  effortlessly hosted the grand dinner with excellent grace.

Her dress bore the semblance to the attire  which adorned the Indian Maharajas. Naeem khan , the Indian apparel designer was at his best in designing the  dress.. With bangles on ,she posed a charming figure  manifesting the Indian elegance..

She had carefully scrutinised the menu ,which was a powerful mixture of Indian chutneys, potato grumplings, egg-plant salad, and pakoras. The dessert   was pumpkin pie tarts . The lettuce soup and the dish of herbal shrubs splattered with honey extracted from the White House bee hives ,  was a gradient excellence.

The invitees included top Business men from India. Ratan Tata of Tata conglomerate, Mukesh Ambani of reliance, and Sam Pitroda , along with the nobel laureate Amratya sen and his wife. The indian mix did not end there. it extended to the entertainment area also.The Oscar winner A.R. Rehman was on his toes  gently elaborating his musical talent.

The Indian has grown in stature. he is a gigantic  towering personality. who has inducted himself in Nuclear research, who has exposed himself in Information technology, who has embarked himself in financial stability, who has evinced  himself in business  progress. who has evoked himself in  medical technology., cannot be ignored  by the nations and U. S in particular

Gone are the days , when India was referred to as a land o snake charmer, as a country wallowing in poverty , as a nation backward n education , and as a sub continent habited by  disease .

There are remnants of poverty, residue of infections, balance of superstition. But on whole and large the Indian national has clambered up. The Indian flag is flying high, taking the nation to the culmination of fame and prosperity.

The U.S has understood the value of India ,at last.

Obama will announce his important decision on Afghanistan after his talks with Indian Prime Minister.

A general feeling of awe and respect has been put in sway by the steady promotion of the Indian pride.

Washington has fully understood the Indian acceleration .


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Resurgent Departure.

Economical activity is  seemingly a resurgence , and apparently a departure.

The resurgence is marked by a hike in the index of stock trading.

The departure is pronounced by  unemployment.

The oxymoron of  surging fall is creating a worldwide dissatisfaction.

The rebounding finance is pulled down by joblessness.

Every quarter reflects a displacement of jobs and in U.S. alone there is 10%  unemployment.

Another important factor that is extricating the economy from  jubilation is the fraud and deceit .

The greed of the higher-ups in the corporate world is beyond comprehension. The circumscribing indulgence of the top brass evolves an infringement of accumulation.

Nearly 552 banks are in trouble in U.S.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have registered a voluminous loss .

The demand  to equip the mortgage  companies is extremely huge ,that  calls for a wide spread  bail out plan .

The autos are still reflecting in heavy losses.

Bankruptcy of many a prominent conglomerates are on the anvil.

The transitional fray is still not so remarkable .

The revenue oriented resurgence is yet to take off.

The spending faction is embarking on a departure , emphasised by a not so reviving economy .

There is a virtual uneasiness and a paid distraction that compels governance to take a second look at the  programmes they have charted out.

A symptomatic treatment to the economy has not provided a charming intuitiveness.

It has not cured the illness but has suppressed the invalidity for a temporary duration.

An explosion is bickering around .

The world is awaiting a conscientious threatening that may blast out at any given time.

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Lead kindly Light

A beautiful caption, that would best fit the present economic  scenario.

The gloom lies so heavy on the shoulders of the world financial .

The depression is  extremely melancholic .

The acute diffidence of unemployment is inscrutable.

The chronic ulceration of the finances is despicable.

Yet they say there is a small slow recovery.

Therein comes this caption Lead kindly Light,.

The economy like the  night is dark, a step ahead is a kind favour.

The robust economy did not claim an extension of good will.

The weak economy is demanding a beacon to guide it  with charm and courage.

Fear is looming large.

A precaution is forcing a meritorious recovery.

A dangling distinction is entreating a creditable renaissance.

A fragrance of perseverance is vital to assure a strong recovery.

A forceful dedication should be embarked.

The financial portrayal had its pleasant picture and a garish depiction all through these years.

The inspiration behind this legalised banner is the unseen spirit.

Once again  an application is forwarded  to the infinity to restore health to the damaged economy.

This injection of faith would take the economy over  “the crag and torrent”and fondle a nurturing association that would impress a high demanding edge.

A hundred percent recovery would be possible with the resurrection of “lead kindly light”


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Ode To Righteousness.

Grand are your ways,

Great are your action,

Glistening in truth,

Glittering in facts,

A significance ahead.


Rare  are you to find,

Remote are you to discern,

Revolving round sincerity,

Rotating  around  rationality,

A quality animated.


Hard are you to practise,

Honourable are you in stature,

Hustling along  prestige

Hedging along  justice,

A goal  targeted.



Fine are you in notation,

Friendly are you in connotation.

Flying  at heights,

Flowing in depths,

A spirit recognised.


A trait of   force,

An idiom of remark,

A phrase of merit,

An epithet of credit,

Righteousness , I bow to you.

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The Begininig Of The End

Begining  takes time.

End comes in no time

Growth requires duration.

Degeneration  sets in quickly.

So ,when the end is drawing near , a winding up is so sudden and so surprising.

This was explicitly felt in Nilgris ,during the heavy rainall that rocked the lovely hilly district Of Tamilnadu, in South india.

The amily of louis , who had gone to sleep in the night , did not wake up, rather there was no remnance of them, the next morning.

The neighbours , who had seen them last evening, could not get a trace of them the next day.

The house was completely buried in the debris. The seven member Louis family also got interred in the soil.

A deadly mourning looms large over the hilly region.

Houses are hanging in mid-air.

Roads are  broken.

Electricity is disrupted.

Land keep  on sliding .

Last week,

Rain was pouring in torrence.

People lay in utter fear and absolute terror.

What is going to happen next?

A deep thinking and a keen look out of the miserable scenario would reveal a disgusting truth.

This debacle is man-made.

It is we ,who have recklessly indulged in building flats, cottages.

The soil in this region does not permit high raised buildings.

But we , out of greed , keep on enhancing the storeys .

The floors ,yield money, filling our coffers.

The land slip would have not occurred  except for this unmindful prologue.

The water would have flown through the channels  freely , if not for irrational constructions.

As usual ,the rich benefit , the mid income group and the lower strata receive the brunt .

It is they who suffer, who get hurt, who lose their lives, who  subdue and diffuse in melancholy.



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An Unrelented Horror.

The beautiful hilly country Afghanistan ,is waxing in terrorism.

The Afghan Pathans have lost their relevance.

They have been battered by war and riots .

The infringed retraction has led to a noisy  warfare , which has ravaged the country for more than 30 years.

The Himalayan territory clad in snow is dressed up in blood and poses notoriously  as a terror-struck terrain.

There is absolute  withdrawal of governance.

There is excess corruption.

There is extra poverty.

Thee is no food.

There is no education.

There is no health care.

This nothingness everywhere has driven the people out of their homes.

The fabulous threat to life has  forced a longitudinal exodus to other countries.

We find sorrow, death,  fear , and pale lifelessness  throughout that ranges in high velocity and dwells in strained vibrations .

The sonorous  grunting grudge keeps the habitants in vigil, in gripping terror and in distempered vicissitude.

The discontent, the wrath and the anger have turned into terrorism .

The ruthless, unruly ,unholy strictures have been transformed into derogatory behaviour and transmitted into disruptive ailments .The network of threatenings and warnings have crystallised into an organisation which has been christened as Taliban.

The Taliban’s engage themselves in attacks and in fights ,which has exploited the normal life and rendered a frequency that excites apprehensions .

The constant  fear has equipped the people with detached designations.

Afghanistan needs no war.

 It needs no troops.

It requires funds for rehabilitation.

It wants aid to restore governance.

it insists help to recapture its lost glory.

It wishes to investigate various avenues  in deploying overseas monies in infrastructure and education.

It likes to inculcate an impression of self-sufficiency .

It aspires to reach high standard of education.

A stimulated appeal is submitted to the world panel.

The leaders of the powerul  nations, the world over have to decipher a solution, to save the Himalayan state from devastation.

Will they do?






Appearances Are deceptive.

Again it is a Sunday, I have nothing to do really.

My friend Nalini came home. She is a lovely lady with good cheer, and ever active.

Seeing me ,relaxing in my arm-chair, she chided me being lethargic .

I tried to convince her saying, that  as it is a Sunday, I am taking it easy.

Murmuring to herself, might  be she said in a low tone almost inaudible, that I am always like that.

Well, to keep her in a good humour, I told her about my  thoughts on mosquitoes.

She threw her towels in  disillusionment. “It is mosquitoes . You do not have anything else to think .”

I kept her at bay.

I gave her a long lecture on the appearance of mosquitoes, on the harmful bites, and on the amount of malaise it causes.

The tiny dark insect ,almost 1/8 inches  in size,has created extreme danger to humanity.

The life cycle of mosquito ,is in four stages, eggs, larvae, nymphs and blood sucking adult.

The mosquitoes breed in water-logged areas.

They survive in comfort in the most depleted condition.

The multiply in hundreds.

The male mosquito feeds from plant nectar.

The female adult is the most deadliest  of all insects.

The bite is so stinging , that the most vigorous  one causes a bumps .

The bites mostly lead to serious diseases like malaria and dengue.

The menace is devastating during rainy season.

The fogging by civic authorities will lessen the havoc.

The spraying with pesticides will have a positive effect.

The  application of  chemical repellents also create allergies.

The beat way to eliminate the  rapid breeding is to clear the water-logged muddles and keep the places dry and clean.

Nalini was listening to me in rapt attention. I was happy to note that.

But ,when I called her “Nalini, Nalini”, she did not respond. Then ,after shaking her, she woke up as if  from a reverie,and mumbled” yes, yes,  what do you want?

My heart sank.

Truly appearances are deceptive, as the  little mosquitoes show their might, and as Nalini drowns herself in sleep., with eyes wide open. 

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Sound Of Rain

Tut , tut

falls the rain,

on the roof top.


Thud ,thud ,

falls the rain,

On the garden path.



Drop, drop,

falls  the rain

from the trees.


Drip, drip,

falls the rain,

from the  houses.


Lap ,lap

falls the rain

over the  hill


Grunt , grunt,

falls the rain ,

over the  sea.

Ugh, ugh,

falls the rain ,

from the sky.


Hush, hush,

the rain pours,

keep vigil.