Economy thoughts

Lead kindly Light

A beautiful caption, that would best fit the present economic  scenario.

The gloom lies so heavy on the shoulders of the world financial .

The depression is  extremely melancholic .

The acute diffidence of unemployment is inscrutable.

The chronic ulceration of the finances is despicable.

Yet they say there is a small slow recovery.

Therein comes this caption Lead kindly Light,.

The economy like the  night is dark, a step ahead is a kind favour.

The robust economy did not claim an extension of good will.

The weak economy is demanding a beacon to guide it  with charm and courage.

Fear is looming large.

A precaution is forcing a meritorious recovery.

A dangling distinction is entreating a creditable renaissance.

A fragrance of perseverance is vital to assure a strong recovery.

A forceful dedication should be embarked.

The financial portrayal had its pleasant picture and a garish depiction all through these years.

The inspiration behind this legalised banner is the unseen spirit.

Once again  an application is forwarded  to the infinity to restore health to the damaged economy.

This injection of faith would take the economy over  “the crag and torrent”and fondle a nurturing association that would impress a high demanding edge.

A hundred percent recovery would be possible with the resurrection of “lead kindly light”