An Inference

ambushIt is a commitment.

without any indictment

little did I know

I would be pulled into the flow

I was not in the arena  at all

somehow I was dragged  by a call

I innocently fell into the trap

caught in between unable to flap

struggled hard to come out

in an ambush  all throughout

fulfilled  with competence

this could be  an inference

custom Faith Hinduism Poetry tradition

The “Pottu”.

Pottu or bhindi in the face

is not a mere trace

it is a  staunch  belief

a custom  with relief

among the Hindus in all

mostly women  follow the call

men do at times place it on the forehead

the kumkum shines   modestly in red

a tradition of Hindu religion for long

has  diffused to the minimum  as if it is wrong

as modern women opt for something light

just a dot  or a pinpoint very slight

almost not visible to the naked eye

why so?  I  ask myself  in tries

Christians wear a cross around  the neck

Muslims wear purdahs  mostly black

not  shy away from their customs to a  cost

Hinduism is an ancient faith

tells us of the values infinite  in straight

vow to adhere to the system  in all ways

an enhancement to the religion  always.pottu

distinctions. Poetry tragedies

The House In Itself

The house in itself

stands divided

most of the shelves

seem to be undivided
The apparent remains together

almost resembles a pattern

the virtual differs altogether

follows a lightless lantern.

The mind makes a hell

out of the beautiful

it builds a heaven in a tell

with a practice rueful.

So go the ironies and metaphors

with paradoxes and oxymorons

the house with all tragedies to refer

becomes a place of moan.


Poetry tabulations.

We Do In Tremendous

Nice to read.

Nice to write.

Nice to play.

Nice to eat.

Nice to cry.

Nice to laugh.

Nice to walk.

Nice to sleep.

Am I being frivolous?

Well, that is what we do in tremendous

might be a difference

some do them  more

some do them less

depends on the individual

that be the way to live

with other ablutions

and most other tabulations.ablution-large

Poetry Poetry preempt.

Life is Beyond.

There prevails a  contempt.

There lies a scorn.

There exists a distraughtness

There are so many  apprehensions

The life goes on without expectations

moves on with a lengthiness

difficulty whatever   has to be borne

as  the life is beyond a pre-empt.distraught

Poetry pollution.

The Loud Speaker

The loud blast of the speaker

nettles and shuttles the ears

the noise gets into the brain

causes a propositional drain

the head reels in a dizzy

the conscious oscillates in a frenzy

not happens to one but to all

yet the speakers go without a call

unrestricted  in their own proceed

unknown to many around

it is a pollution of the sound

worse than the air  prone

as the noise holds a serious tone

a menace to the human in all

a mishap to the society in full.loud-speaker-photos


The Cries

The cries shrill

came from a steep hill

enough to killshrill

Poetry tranquility

The Philosophy

It is a philosophy

not an atrophy

but a win-win trophy

ideas being lofty

thoughts bear a hefty

there is nifty

as well as thrifty

could trace a frugality

and a  clarity

though they are a reality

they show a tranquility

with a sense of stability

found  with a lot of equanimities

could this be the great philosophy?philosophy

Poetry solidarity.

The Togetherness

A togetherness in a crowd

is a quality to be proud

how many of the loved

travel with humility in bowed

each one has the ego in a cloud

which echoes itself in a loud

the one over there cries aloud

the other one here shies cowed

with that comes a skirmish all in a way

followed by a tussle all through the day

that keeps each other in a bay

the protagonist and the antagonist  stay

their chauvinism turns sour and loses

that much for the togetherness

where solidarity remains in the wilderness

and the loved ones  trail itogethernessn blessedness.

Nature Poetry Representation

A Stream

A stream I espy

reflects the sky

it feels shy  as it runs

and  runs across

with no flaws

goes on in a toss

could see ripples mild

a swirl and  a twist  piled

it flows almost filed

the flowers float in pairs

the fish swim with care

these be the noble shares

we notice in the stream’s  hold

as it gently passes in the fold

the waters not very cold

it is a beautiful expression

nature’s priced installation

a glorious yet modest   representationa stream