Blood For Bread—– Allegory

it is a bread

an ordinary bread

not a whole loaf of bread

but a morsel of bread

that led to a blood

gory and fierce blood

a splatter all over of blood

fearful sight of blood

the fight for the bread

brought out this blood

humanity and its bred

demand the blood

for a piece of bread

hunger and anger instead

want bread and blood

ends up with a lot of blood

but without  a piece of bread.Blood for bread.

perception Poetry

The Sale Of Land.

It is a sale of land

that holds a brand

if one sells it is for gain

if another does it is  of a strain

the former cries with pride

while the latter sits beside

the seller has his own needs

be he rich to settle a loan  indeed

be he poor to square off a want

none has to daunt or flaunt

the practicality is so simple

let it not cause any ripple

the former has to mind his tongue

otherwise, he would be flung

thrown into the dust like a fly

be the destination of that guy

would bite the ground with shame

a penalty for his excuses lame

could visualize the scene in its reality

would happen not after long but land for saleimmediately.

beautiful Poetry

A Lovely Day

Every day is beautiful

with a morn wonderful

the sun peeps out

shines throughout

a day with almost bright

sunny and straight

another day mostly dull

cloudy in full

the days roll on

everything passes on

the good and the bad

the events happy and sad

take place in a succession

the progression and recession

happen with no interruption

a continuous session

that dots life with a cheer

and punctuates it with a fear

that be the day for everyone

most assuredly a lovely one.lovely day