Within A day

Within a day

all went away

it is  in such  a way

the ill -gotten wealth

disappears in the fray

the greedy hoards

diffuse in the sway

the self-conceited designs

fly from the rays.

the  hurriedly piled stock

turns into hay

the evil thoughts

strikes back in a pray

such be the way

within a day within a day

Haiku Poetry

Man Prays

The man prays

with fervour and intense  piety

seeks immediate redemptionprayer


The Cuckoo Clock Oscillates

The clock before me oscillates  to and fro

sullen and sober it is indeed

the movement is in perfect flow

right and left it goes in a  lead

the clock performs with the perfection

at one point it loses its exactness

at times gains minutes  infractions

at other loses hours  in tardiness

a winding  at the least corrects its run

or a repair at the most sets it right

lest it climbs into the attic  be no fun

as one of the old unused ones out of sight

sure, it might one-day jump from above

and surface with a demand unknown

as antiques command great value  in glow

this one a fifty years from now

would fetch a fortune to my cuckoo clockchildren

who would think of me for a moment

when they count the dollars in earnest.


Clad In Borrowed Robes

Have you heard of a mediator

who does his job for years

he is honorary in a sense

a beneficiary in another way

comes on and off

talks  to one and all

most times knows not

what he talks  about

sent as an emissary

by his closest ones

all involved are relatives

the one who forces

is the most indulgent

drawn to each other

not out of love

but of  an alliance

the mediator represents him

perhaps to an extent

another one also

know not for what cause

he is biased and unfair

with intentions  plain

with ties more prominent

he blabbers in a write intermittently

where one could see the voices of those

who make him do  for their welfare

he commits himself not for honour

but for material wealth not to him straight

would pass on to his offspring

the self-conceit is transparentdisguised

he is a disguised  villain.