Dialogue Turns Monologue.

There be a dialogue

cannot call it a dialogue

it is a monologue

a conversation between  two

where the one is slow

the other one more garrulous

talks all the more meaningless

tells of her beauty in no ordinary terms

while the quieter one listens with a firm

the talkative goes on and on with no break

the silent spectator stares at him without a take

the eyes get tired and wink now and then

the mouth never minces a word in strength

the dialogue turns into a monologue

happens all the time whenever I log

that be the way along  the stream

where one glitters with a gleam

the other shines with a dream.dialogue-symbols

benevolence. Poetry

The Shortcomings and Shortfalls

The shortcomings and shortfalls

should never take the call

their suffix short interprets clearly

they are for period very short exactly

never make a fuss of a shortcoming

be it an enquiry of death or birth

be it a greeting missed  or mirth

could be an oversight or intentional

do not think it is irrational or rational

let you examine yourself thoroughly

then point your finger at others  firmly

without the self-analysis nothing turns

remember  that and go ahead without spurn

the newborn is innocent about that prevails

the dead have flown from these worldly travails

reminds me  of those who are alive  and lively

do at times keep away from each other knowingly

recall a forgotten one and make it  an issue knowingly

the same could be said of shortfalls

they are simple when reviewed not pitfalls

could not we who breathe live  in peace?

that would bring about benevolenceDo-not-strive-to-overcome-others-but-our-own-shortcomings. with please.