ambiguity Poetry

The Mirror

Her eyes  are expressive

speak volumes  and volumes

at times emit sadness

that tells stories

of the past and present

need not to hear words

the eyes do tell us

of the events that depressed

the tragedies all through

the struggles underwent

all are stored up in the eyes

that do shed a light

and oppress the heart

with an ambiguity incomprehensible

Well, eyes reflect the thoughts

they are lively and much sought

a part of the human system

very sharp and irreparable

as eyesight is essential

and eyes  do give out

the emulation of the mind

rightly called the mirror

comes out with an image

true to the self.mirror

Haiku Poetry


The graceful attitude

could be termed as beatitude

also as gratitude beatitude

Language mother-tongue. Poetry

String of Three

English be not my mother tongue

the primary language I studied

along with my ancient mother tongue

with the flair for  both indeed

I pursued the study

reached the level of masters

not in both actually

English took me over faster came

came out with honours really

worked on my language Tamil too

it came naturally to me

a language with  intricacies not few

hard to get through in glee

French, a lovely tongue musical to the ears

was my second language in college

delighted to read the French literature  for years

these three had made me full fledged

know not how well I write in English,

nor do I know my status in Tamil

dare not I venture to write in French

this way my life goes in peace

stringed  with three languages in ease.string