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The Camera in Front.

The camera in front  watches you

monitor be its mode  with no clue

could see your  distinct reflection

one to one be an  indication

records the  remarkable countenance

pictures  the image in an intense

the facial shifts rush  in the go

a smile with a pleasantness  in flow

anger with a fury being an intimidation

better more so an exact recognition

a contentment as found with a benignity

as if it says in a deep tone of sentimentality

enough of what I had  and what I faced  for no gain

wish  not to go through it  in the thoroughfare  once cameraagain.


The Shadows And Reflections


The shadows and reflections

cause a refraction

that be not of science

could of be signs.

The pensive face with brows knitted

tell us of worries indebted

the expressions show at length

the experience in its strength.

The happy countenance with eyes in a sparkle

enlighten us of the fancies in a twinkle

the demeanour reflects at a stretch

the  delight is elicited in a sketch.

The melancholic interruptions with  downcast eyes

gives out the heaviness of the heart in tries

the desperation testifies in the course

the distinct evolution with a force.

The shadows of us big or 6944114106_e433dffe26_bsmall

never turn  against them as mere shadows

they reflect our posture through the window

The Mirror

Her eyes  are expressive

speak volumes  and volumes

at times emit sadness

that tells stories

of the past and present

need not to hear words

the eyes do tell us

of the events that depressed

the tragedies all through

the struggles underwent

all are stored up in the eyes

that do shed a light

and oppress the heart

with an ambiguity incomprehensible

Well, eyes reflect the thoughts

they are lively and much sought

a part of the human system

very sharp and irreparable

as eyesight is essential

and eyes  do give out

the emulation of the mind

rightly called the mirror

comes out with an image

true to the self.mirror

The Reflection

The golden weave
around the sky
caused a heave
as the clouds sigh

The silvery clouds
move like a fluffy snow
as there is a thunder loud
which came down in a blow.

The twinkling stars high up
flickered in the night
the lightning in a gulp
swallowed the m in a flight.

The darkness was still
the golden hue has vanished
the silvery streak was not seen till
the sky lit up as though garnished.

The colourful blue sky
with the tinge of expensive complexion
looks now as though in a try
an almospale reflectiont pale reflection.

Mirror For You

Mirror_test.The talk shows your breed 

the way you behave

illustrates your culture.

that being so much in the stream.


The top of the voice shout

hurling remarks unwanted

harping on the same

lands on in a troubled scenario.


The courtesy on extends

the politeness one professes

the dignity one maintains

tells us of the man.


The indignation being controlled

very much in the voice

expressed in words soft

go to make a long way.

The displeasure being exposed

very much in the behaviour

robs the quality of the etiquette

going to stop in between.


The few requirements make the most

raising you above the mark

pulling you down the drain

think of the repercussions and move.


This be  a mirror for you

seeing an angry face is not worthy

looking at a smile lit up face

moves your heart to happiness.


With that be your attempt

a sincere and straightforward

living up to the principles

would be a chance to your success

The Smile Of The Flower.

A flower smiles 
 is it for you too ?
Not so much in the line
 with a glossy fine
 its petals expressing a greet
 while its colour giving a treat
 that be the greatest clue
 for me to find it true
 that flower smiles at me
 whenever I see with glee
 might be a reflection 
 as I see a deflection
  a degree almost 360 
going by a luminosity 
 that a smile could bring
 beating the illuminations  in a swing
 enhancing the soul to a brim
 dispelling the total grim
next time you see a flower
 try to capture her smily flavour
 Well, she smiles forever
 as long as she be in a blossom
 enchantingly the flower is awesome.

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A Carton in the Court Hall.

cartonA lawyer wheeled a carton in the court hall.
Beaming with pride he posed tall.
Up and down he went with a smiling call.
His clients were moving here and there like a ball.

The carton was huge and catchy.
It was fastened rather tightly.
What was inside? was everybody’s curiosity
Did it contain treasures of precious quality?

It was gently lifted up the stairs.
It caused the gathering to a stubborn stare.
The clients carried it up with an utmost care.
Was there tonnes of gold or gems rare?

The trio pushed it to the judge’s chamber.
Heaving a sigh sat down in a slumber.
They spoke in subdued tone about the number.
Was there any high risky documents in danger?

The judge walked in with a lively style.
Adjusting his glasses read out from the file.
Put forth the salient issues without a guile.
Called the parties to deliberate on them for a while.

The lawyer opened the carton in speed.
What would come out? was everyone’s thought indeed !
Took out the account books to read.
The judge paid the least heed.

The mediation was simple and issue based.
The trio’s expectation was razed.
Knowing not how to handle they stayed embarrassed.
Their upstart behaviour was defaced.

Back again they wheeled the carton to the landing.
Bitten by ignominy they made haste through the standing.
Hurriedly they pushed it into the porch with an irked feeling.
The carton played a role amusingly debasing.