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The Link

A close-knit community steeped in tradition

framed rules and customs of fascination

be the one of the gifts to daughters

being a strange practice and a little wonder

establishes a link with the mother’s family

found in the form of gifts during festivals really

while the parents extend it with affection  truly

the brothers later  go about with a duty  effectively

the next generation thinks it a trouble strictly

depending on the longevity of life inadvertently

the custom continues without a break

mainly during Deepavali, Pongal  and other stakes

an amount is fixed from the time of her marriage

rendered without a break till the end of her age

a token of love could we abbreviate it  exactly

the Nagarathar community sticks to it religiously.Craft1

melancholy Poetry

The Overflow

The water overflows

with a gushy force

inundates the land around

marshy becomes the surround

the dampness is so soggy

the feet becomes muddy

as we walk through the place

cautious of a fall in  case.

Melancholy sets in gradually

the heart pounds inordinately

could hear a sob intermittently

tears drop down slowly

the face turns puffy

heart-rending it is  totally

as we sit watch helplessly

know not how to stop. immediately.

Situations can be linked to nature

being a great healer

the overflows of the water and feelings

relate to each other without  readings

statistics and data do not  approve

they say it is but a falsity in proves

the parallels might be fictional

yet they have connections perennialwater fllods


Link The Rivers.

The linkingrivers of rivers
has been on the air
that should happen on the soil
finds its place on the clouds
long it has been the topic
discussed and designed
all issues dealt mentally
never saw its light physically
if only the linking takes place
the Indian sub-continent
would be the great benefactor
punctuated by floods and paucity
the surplus would be diverted
to the driest place
saving the drought hit
and the inundated area
all at the same time .

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A Productive Link

linkRivers are source of strength.
Some go dry almost in tenth.
Some flood most in length.
Others remain even at all fronts.

Rivers dry due to failure of rains.
Their runway turns parched creating a strain
Moss and mushroom grow extensively indicating a drain.
They turn into eyesores signifying a bane.

Rivers are in spate due to rainfall copious.
They cross the path in a speed dangerous.
They overflow with a velocity hideous.
The deluge causes disaster all through.

Linking of rivers has long been in the anvil.
This move would save all from evil.
It is a concept which remains idle.
Certainly this link would evade all blink.

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Punctuations In Life.

It is a comma that brings about a suspense

It is a hyphen that links one another in a sense.

It is a semicolon that gives two separate ideas in an attribution.

It is a colon that makes us wait for more revelations.

It is a question mark that allows us to reason.

It is the exclamation  that points to joy and sadness  according to season.

It is  within inverted commas we quote others which enliven.

It is between the brackets additional information is given.

It is the full stop that puts an end to writing.


In life we encounter many struggles and setbacks,

Knowingly or unknowingly we align with one another in the track.

Our alliance might evolve a relationship good or bad.

In course of time we would be subjected to turmoil sad.

The reasoning mind would look with suspicion.

The joy or sorrow would keep us in  tension.

We seek the advice of experienced men.

Bracketing with others we pull on like a hen.

At last we get into the grave never to wake again.