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The Feather ——A Startling Value.

featherthe feather is so light

call it feather light

flies in the air  so easily

without an effort

goes beyond the limit

negotiates nowhere

it has a easy flight

an indication all the more

being light is ever so a facility

light in mind and body

be the exact propositions

where one can travel

through the mazes

into the traces

with not much of difficulty

a feather be  you

as  flexible could you be

along the path of life

Dusting I Do

doing-chores-clip-art-430080Dust the table

dust the chair

dust this and that

I command now and then

dust accumulates so fast

a day without dusting

creates a havoc

I go about with my dusting

find no time to dust the mind

which has gone black and sooty

could register none  in its socket

a poor dame I am

too much worldly

penchant towards perfection

rather of the exterior

than that of the interior.

The End Of “M” Series.

The “M” came with a bounce

on and off it spurted out

with the more and most

along with mild and mystery

beginning with the mind

followed by the loving  mother

the “M” gave me a week long  work

I did not spend much time  on deliberating

as I for one write comes to my mind

put my thoughts in words

go through them on occasions

edit with not so much of a precision

an exercise I do with less pain

if at all, I do a careful check

would have to delete half

so I leave the words to find their fate

they enter the world as soon as they are born

go through the critical evaluation

a travel of great value and readership

hoping one day I would be acknowledged

the “letter-mcovered various subjects  with skill

I Go By The Heart.

I go by the intuition

it is my way  of all time

might be a wrong notion

well that is how it rhymes

I listen to my heart

it dictates and detects

do I sound like a bard?

oh!  no, I reflect

Am I a romantic?

possibly so, in a trend

where the heart rules with a wand

a magical one all the more

as I thinkromanticism of myself more and more.

The Controversies Therefore.

The night of darkness

the day of brightness

premonitions in stay

the restless mind

sees both with fear

night foretells death

day predicts  breath

death is terrific

no man wishes to face

it is inevitable though,

breath is diabolic

no man wants to resume

it is indispensable though

Thus, go the night and day

with the sun and the moon

one hot and the other cold

the waves go up and down

the wind blows gentle and fierce

the oscillation is in a variance

yet life goes on like the stream

with ripples and furore

all in unity, darkness and brightnesstherefore.

Introspections in a Song.

Circle-of-religionsThe mind is not at ease any longer.
It,at times, likes to wander.
it takes a selective route.
Initial round-up is across nature.
Where everything is a lovely feature.
The next sojourn is around human life.
Where every other thing expresses rife.
The final entry is into the realm of religion.
Where all things are controlled by strict instructions.
The mind slowly gets back to its abode.

Settling in its home it deliberates.
How does the universe go about? it is desperate.
Is it governed by some unseen element?
Does the element have form? the mind intersects.
How does it wields its power?the mind dissects.
Does it get an answer to its fullest satisfaction?
Never would it as there are innumerable reactions
in the form of different religions
Hinduism, Christianity,Islam ,Buddhism prevalent in various regions