Could be Not Said of Him

Could be not  said of him

a good man once

now a deceit.


Could be not said of him

a man just once

now a sinner.


Could be not said of him

a man pleasant once

now a rude .


Could be not said of him

a man he had been once

now not one.




The Boy And The Man

The boy of long years

full of life and cheer

once very aggressive and bashful

has become now a man wonderful

solemn and gentle in tone

not because of his choice alone

turned so to adjust to his wife

who keeps him in strife

 behaves with a lot of indifference

pays scant or no reverencshrewe

belies herself in her attempts

treats all with a possible contempt

speaks loud and rude

her movements are crude

know the reason now for his change

a man I sympathise from a range


The Ways To live.

The way you speak
the way you behave
makes you stand out.
Peeking into other’s affairs
Propping unnecessarily
makes you unwanted.
Passing remarks
scathing and irrelevant
makes you disliked
Talking rudely
Telling lies
makesrude talk you detested.
These are few in the code
that brings out in mode
the ways to live.



rude.Rude is a word that sounds crude
With the sound being so bawdy
the action would be truly cloudy
hurting the person who receives it
but providing pleasure to the one that extends.
Using words wicked might be lively to some
as they feel they are up above the world
atop a prime slot perched on the heights.
The rudeness would strike them back lie a vampire
piecing them into fragments and shredding them into nothing.
Rude be you not to anyone at any time at any cost
is my humble plea to all those who read this little treaty.

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Many More Like Her.

sadistKate calls and tells with an undertone.

She talks round about with a dual tone.

She converses in a sly tone.

She guffaws with a rude tone.


Kate speaks high about her kids.

She praises   sky-high at all bids.

She  craftily hides their shortcomings in  counter bids.

She  is the best in camouflaging unholy grids.


Kate indulges in talks disoriented.

She builds stories all fabricated.

She passes  distasteful remarks undeterred.

She infests  a saintly glamour unwanted.


Kate has pulled on  for eighty years so.

Running about unmindful of her negative flow.

It is when she is going to get the blow.

Very soon she would find the low.


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My Late Loving Pal.

Palpitations kept his  heart beat in a race,

An unexplainable sorrow stole the grace,

An unbelievable tale set the  deface,

It was a hell to survive the blaze.


Nevertheless  he had to get through it  in a daze

There were additional frothing in the furnace,

Boiling over in an unexpected  ablaze

Yet  he had to put up with it in a phase.


It was all built up in a madness,

It was a texture of serious illness,

It massacred the veracity to a stillness,

Yet  he had to face it with a boldness.


The heart fluttered high and low,

Casting a picture of a shadowy glow,

The performance was deadly slow,

Oh! the extension was halted with a severe blow.


It is a story of a loving pal,

He fell a prey to a rude call,

Oh! it was a terrible fall,

 Lo! he breathed his last in a drawl.