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The Eyes Emit

It is a shot

not from the gun

did you imagine so?

nay not, my dear.

It is venom

not from the python

did you imagine so?

nay not, my dear.

It is a terrible bite

not by the dog

did you imagine so?

nay not, my dear.

It is an evil look

almost from the blood-related

did not you imagine so?

why not, my dear?

Looks hurt much

more than the guns

much more than venom

up and above the dog bite.

The scar the eyes inflict

goes deep beyond layers

tears and rips apart, my dearToys 007

sucks the life out beyond imagination

The Evil In Degrees.

The great evil being done on earth

being that of dearth

abusing the soil  in filth most

throwing things unmindful on the host

delivering a stench and stink

turning the earth beyond any think.


The greater evil being caused to world

being one in a fold

where crimes riseplanet up in hoards

releasing a  conviction on board

inciting an unpleasantness and crumble

converting the world  into a tumble.


The greatest evil being caused to all

that of a great fall

where  people strike with or without cause

taking the power not in a farce

inducing  an unruliness and aggressiveness

locking the people to a grievance




Evil Design

The design got bust.
It had nothing just.
Everything was fused
All issues were forged.

The designers got lost.
Their ideas were exposed fast.
Getting them into trouble,.
Placing them in a stumble.

Not knowing what to do finally
They decided to fly immediately.
Making good with their loot
fearing the legalitiesexpel en suite.

Where Evil Dares?

A photo hung on a window hook
being there for a long time in great look
His mother had displayed it with love
as she felt that her son was most handsome

After a break of a few years
went to the ancestral home with all ears
The picture was hanging as usual
a burning candle and flowers lay there in casual.

Horrified to see that in daylight glare
feeling bad about the woman’s dare
threw the flowers through the window
shouting at her from my heart’s hollow.

She had done it with a purpose and design.
Praying for the man’s exit in a resign
as he has overthrown candle and flower. them in all ventures
making them part with his share in real adventure.

The Evil Glows Like Cinders.

With the good and bad living together.
With kind and rude holding hands together.
With mercy and evil going together.
the world lives in a perforation of impression.
It exists in a balance with the external
while the internal gets hung up in the middle.
Cracking through it plunges into the infringement
catching up with the good
and leaving the bad behind.
Unfortunately the evil clings to it
and like a parasite sucks the blood to the full
throwing the skeleton back into the maze.
Spewing venom and spitting vengeance
it gathers heat and crashes on the earth
making it bloody blood throwing into darkness.
the red shines in the dark black
looking like cinders flickering in the night.images (61)


rude.Rude is a word that sounds crude
With the sound being so bawdy
the action would be truly cloudy
hurting the person who receives it
but providing pleasure to the one that extends.
Using words wicked might be lively to some
as they feel they are up above the world
atop a prime slot perched on the heights.
The rudeness would strike them back lie a vampire
piecing them into fragments and shredding them into nothing.
Rude be you not to anyone at any time at any cost
is my humble plea to all those who read this little treaty.

Kate is Not Alone

smell a ratKate smells a rat in his perseverance.
His persistence has a hidden reference
as he is driven to the convergence
to distract her from diligence.

Kate ignores his indecent howl.
She minds not his tongue foul.
She shuns his untimely prowl
as it casts an odious growl.

The man behind him is a defined evil.
He plots Kate’s kill.
He pays his aid a heavy bill
as he aims to rob Kate of her fill.

Kate knows the plan to the full.
She faces him like a terrific bull.
His attempts to mollify her becomes null
as she implicates a vigorous pull.

The doer would encounter severe threads
in the form of words put up to the read.
The imposter would be put to a dread
which would make him one with the dead.