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A Remark

It is a remark
that was taken to task
caused a mental block
thoughts rushed in a flock
led to a complete knock.

Shout And Yell

The man being a maker of trouble

 going past all the norms in a treble

talks as if he knows  a lot

remarking on each and every  slot

shouting unnecessarily in a  situation

that demands a moderate   resolution

swearing by the Gods names

calling them to substantiate his claims

there he goes with a distaste

while people have started him  to hate

he thinks he has won over a place

totally unaware that he has to face a chase

which would make him run for his life

and destroy his way of life

as he has to throw his  towels

and  abandon his  profession

because none relish his intrusion

being  audaciously  disquieting

and  regularlydownload (41)   scorning

he would find himself in hell

if not he stops his shouts and yell.

Raucous And Atrocious.

A  lively debate goes  around

where the rivalry gets in the nerve

with the  spiteful indulgence

there goes a talk pregnant with deceit

where the animosity runs riot

bringing in a rift and fissure

that requires least attention

as these are issues nothing private

but covering the debatesocial political  norms

where there is no place for indignation

and no status for  discrimination

but the indulgence is carried with gusto

by a person least qualified and most irreverent

as nothing hold his intervention

he goes in an unmindful  attempt

trying to slander the duly designated

by his raucous remarks and clandestine deals

while his associates keep behind him

doing the rest in full tenure.




A Half Baked Nonsense.

irate womanA half-baked nonsese crosses the geniality.
It evolves from a deformed mentality.
It is an outcome of a feverish jealousy.
It reflects a temperament of itching rancour.

The eyes rave on sites flawless.
They shoot a glare ruthless.
The eyes emit venom and evil.
The looks show a shocking caustic fervour.

The tongue being a boneless organ wags as it wishes.
It spurts drastic remarks in a velocity none misses.
The tongue speaks corrosive words in full blast.
Creating an unpleasant distaste inducing a shiver.

Such ill-conceived rattling fill the air.
Reinforcing mauled designs unworthy to bear.
Yet such talks pour out of minds destitute.
That are impregnate with sadism as of ever.